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Mugabe is gone

Zimbabwe erupts as Robert Mugabe resigns after 37 years in power

“This is a fresh start”

Journalist Zenzele Ndebele from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe tells CNN it’s like “Christmas really came early.”

He said: “People are excited, they are all over the streets singing, dancing, hooting. It’s like 1980, finally Zimbabweans have their independence. So it’s a sense of jubilation. I’ve never seen that much excitement.”

He added that when he was driving to his office earlier, he saw a group of vendors so overcome with emotion and happiness that they jumping into the streets.

“For us, who were born after the liberation struggle, this is our independence because we were born in oppression under Robert Mugabe and we’ve never seen how independence is like, how freedom is like. This is my independence, for the people of my age who were born under the ruthless leadership of Robert Mugabe. For us, this is a fresh start.”

“Like being chained to the radiator in the basement”

Peter Godwin, a Zimbabwean Human Rights lawyer, says he feel as if the people of Zimbabwe have escaped the basement after being chained to the radiator.

“It’s an extraordinary day,” Godwin tells CNN’s Robyn Curnow.

“I know we have to talk about what comes next but really right now you can’t begrudge Zimbabweans a moment of relief that it’s finally over.

“It may have had its bumps and its turns and taken longer than expected but it had the right result in the end.”