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Zero-tolerance for all detractors – Eritrea 2020

Zero-tolerance for all detractors

Zero-tolerance for all detractors

May & June are historic and sacrosanct months for Eritrea. In May, we celebrate in unison our hard-won independence.

In June, we pay tribute to our Martyrs & commemorate the precious sacrifices of three generations of our best sons & daughters who made this dream possible

July has also gained that stature since the signing of the historic Eritrea-Ethiopia Peace Agreement in that month in 2018. In this respect, Eritrea has zero-tolerance for all detractors who attempt/concoct reversal of these historic gains under various subterfuges/machinations

Eritrea responds with warning as Weyane plead forgiveness

– TPLF security instigated the recent Ethiopia-Sudan border skirmish.

01 June 2020 – (EP) Asmara warns Mekelle officials that Eritrea has “zero tolerance for all detractors” who attempt to reverse the historic Eritrea and Ethiopia Peace Agreement.

Eritrea said the Weyane “vultures,” stunned by the loss of their power, is now working to “impede positive change” — both in the special bilateral relationship and inside Ethiopia “under various machinations”.

Since the border has already been virtually demarcated, peace should, in principle, require no more than the withdrawal of Weyane’s militias. Unfortunately, that small part is not fulfilled — for reasons that have nothing to do with Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed or with Eritrea.

Amazingly, Weyane officials yesterday begged Asmara to “lay the past to rest and create a united front” against the Abiy government in Addis Ababa.

A source from Asmara tells EP that Weyane policy of being spoiler (pictured) is not limited to the Eritrea-Ethiopia border areas.

“The recent disturbance in the Sudan-Ethiopia border shows that the Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders are united by the ‘slowly-dying’ but still-potent mutual enemy: the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).”

“TPLF is enlisting corrupt low-rank Sudan officials to create conflicts against Ethiopia,” said our source.

The source added, “the two sisterly people’s special relationship cannot be hijacked, and their two leaders’ patience, as well as the international community, is wearing thin.”