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You can only use this mirror if you smile

Designed to uplift the spirits of cancer patients, Smile Mirror only turns on with a smile.
Have you ever been told you need to smile more?? This mirror should help with that!
A new mirror is hitting the market, but it’s not just any ordinary mirror. This mirror is very high-tech and only shows you what you want to see once you put on a happy face.
No more getting ready in a bad mood, because this mirror will force you to smile, if you don’t, it won’t work. The mirror’s designer said it was originally created for cancer patients. He says that it’s proven that smiling can reduce stress, improve lives, and maybe even play a small part in beating the disease.
Personally, I love this. I think everyone should start the day with a smile, and as soon as this mirror pops on the market, I’ll be buying it just to test it out.
To see how it works, check out the video below!

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