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World Championships: Kristoffer Halvorsen wins U23 men’s road race


World Championships: Kristoffer Halvorsen wins U23 men’s road race

Under-23 world champion Halvorsen to remain at Joker in 2017

The Norwegian and German teams lead out the sprint on the final lap of the twisting Pearl circuit and Halvorsen finished off their work perfectly. He beat Pascal Ackermann (Germany) and Jakub Mareczko (Italy) after staying on the wheels along the barriers in the final kilometre. He kicked past Ackermann and held off Mareczko, who opted to change trajectory and try to win the sprint from behind.

Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain) finished ninth and Colin Joyce (USA) was 16th in the hectic sprint that saw Belgium’s Enzo Wouters crash into the barriers.

Greg Daniel of the USA was part of the nine-rider break of the race that was swept up with 10km to go as the sprinters dominated the results.

“It was a very hard sprint but the team did an amazing job and I got the wheel of the German rider, so it was perfect. They were so, so good today, this was a team win,” Halvorsen said after hugging and celebrating with his Norwegian teammates.

“I’m just so, so happy. The course was perfect for me, it was flat with a lot of corners, it was a big goal for me this year. It’s incredible. My dream now is to win the elite world title, too.”

A criterium race

The 166km race included 10 circuits on the Pearl and so was more like a criterium with constant changes of line, sweeping curves, roundabouts and tight corners.

The race started steady but a crash left Italian rider Filippo Ganna on the ground. He would later retire and leave Mareczko without a final teammate for the sprint.

At the first passage through the finish, Pascal Eenkhoorn (Netherlands), Nuno Bico (Portugal) and Amanuel Gebrezgabihier (Eritrea) had a 45 second lead as the break of the day formed gradually. Five riders chased after them, including Daniel to create a nine-rider attack after 100km. Also in the move were Patrick Muller (Switzerland), Bryan Gomez (Colombia), Eenkhoorn, Gebrezgabihier, Bico, Michael O’Loughlin (Ireland), Mahdi Rajabikaboodcheshmeh (Iran), and Jean Cauade Uwizeye (Rwanda).

The peloton let the nine open a three-minute gap but kept them under control with the Norwegian riders doing much of the riding on the front. Russia, Germany, Great Britain, Kazakhstan and Spain also helped with setting the pace on the smooth roads.

Riders grabbed bottles in the two feed zones, often spraying themselves with cold water as well as drinking as much liquids as possible to stay hydrated in the heat.

With 50km to go the peloton began to bring down the gap and Norway and Britain dedicating riders to the task. Gebrezgabihier and then Gomez were dropped from the break as Daniel and the other strong riders tried their hardest to stay away. However, the gap fell to below a minute with 20km to go and was finally swept up with 10km to go.

Two late crashes split the peloton but Norway and Germany lead the bunch to the finish as their nations and their sprinters fought for the best wheels. Ackermann seemed best placed but Halvorsen produced a clever sprint going up between the German and the barriers. He had the kick to accelerate on the slightly rising finish to hit the line first and take the world title.

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Victory for Norway’s Halvorsen who is the 2016 UCI MU23 World Champion! #UCIDoha2016

Full Results

# Rider Name (Country) Team Result
1 Kristoffer Halvorsen (Norway) 3:40:53
2 Pascal Ackermann (Germany)
3 Jakub Mareczko (Italy)
4 Phil Bauhaus (Germany)
5 Amund Grondahl Jansen (Norway)
6 Jason Lowndes (Australia)
7 Ivan Garcia Cortina (Spain)
8 Aksel Nommela (Estonia)
9 Jonathan Dibben (Great Britain)
10 Alan Banaszek (Poland)
11 Mads Pedersen (Denmark)
12 Alvaro Jose Hodeg Chagui (Colombia)
13 Erik Baska (Slovakia)
14 Fabio Jakobsen (Netherlands)
15 Cees Bol (Netherlands)
16 Colin Joyce (United States Of America)
17 Sebastian Molano (Colombia)
18 Dusan Rajovic (Serbia)
19 Hugo Hofstetter (France)
20 Merhawi Kudus Ghebremedhin (Eritrea)
21 Cesar Martingil (Portugal)
22 Lukas Spengler (Switzerland)
23 Mohammad Ganjkhanlou (Islamic Republic Of Iran)
24 Marco Mathis (Germany)
25 Yevgeniy Gidich (Kazakhstan)
26 El Mehdi Chokri (Morocco)
27 Ivo Emanuel Oliveira (Portugal)
28 Hayden McCormick (New Zealand)
29 Riccardo Minali (Italy)
30 Daniel Auer (Austria)
31 Mads Wurtz Schmidt (Denmark)
32 Gasper Katrasnik (Slovenia)
33 Bram Welten (Netherlands)
34 Grigoriy Shtein (Kazakhstan)
35 Christopher Latham (Great Britain)
36 Nassim Saidi (Algeria)
37 Justin Oien (United States Of America)
38 Samir Jabrayilov (Azerbaijan)
39 Krists Neilands (Latvia)
40 Jan-Willem Van Schip (Netherlands)
41 Alexey Voloshin (Kazakhstan)
42 David Drouin (Canada)
43 Alexandr Riabushenko (Belarus)
44 Gonzalo Serrano Rodriguez (Spain)
45 Tao Geoghegan Hart (Great Britain)
46 Sebastian Schonberger (Austria)
47 Lukas Schlemmer (Austria)
48 Miles Scotson (Australia)
49 Eddie Dunbar (Ireland) 0:00:08
50 Maximilian Schachmann (Germany)
51 Szymon Rekita (Poland)
52 Pavel Sivakov (Russian Federation)
53 Daniel Martinez (Colombia)
54 Neilson Powless (United States Of America)
55 Patrick Gamper (Austria) 0:00:11
56 Lubos Malovec (Slovakia)
57 Daire Feeley (Ireland)
58 Andrej Petrovski (Fyr Of Macedonia)
59 Benjamin Perry (Canada)
60 Alexandr Kulikovskii (Russian Federation)
61 Michael Carbel Svendgaard (Denmark)
62 Kevin Geniets (Luxembourg)
63 Sergey Luchshenko (Kazakhstan)
64 Anders Skaarseth (Norway)
65 Silver Maoma (Estonia) 0:00:15
66 Uladzimir Harakhavik (Belarus)
67 Sam Dobbs (New Zealand)
68 Abderrahmane Mansouri (Algeria) 0:00:20
69 Jon Irisarri (Spain)
70 Piet Allegaert (Belgium) 0:00:27
71 Sergei Rostovtsev (Russian Federation)
72 Ole Forfang (Norway)
73 Cristofer Jurado (Panama)
74 Fridtjof Roeinaas (Norway)
75 Kasper Asgreen (Denmark)
76 Simone Consonni (Italy)
77 Karl Patrick Lauk (Estonia)
78 Remi Cavagna (France)
79 Gabriel Cullaigh (Great Britain)
80 Tom Bohli (Switzerland)
81 Benoit Cosnefroy (France)
82 Vincenzo Albanese (Italy) 0:00:33
83 Abderrahim Zahiri (Morocco) 0:00:42
84 Jean Claude Uwizeye (Rwanda)
85 Stefan De Bod (South Africa)
86 Lennard Kamna (Germany) 0:00:49
87 Emil Nygaard Vinjebo (Denmark)
88 Hichem Mokhtari (Algeria) 0:01:11
89 Nans Peters (France)
90 Yonatan Hailu (Eritrea)
91 Josip Rumac (Croatia)
92 Oskar Nisu (Estonia) 0:01:29
93 Stepan Kurianov (Russian Federation)
94 Ismail Iliasov (Azerbaijan)
95 Mohcine Elkouraji (Morocco)
96 Juraj Lajcha (Slovakia) 0:01:55
97 Hiu Fung Choy (Hong Kong, China)
98 Joseph Areruya (Rwanda)
99 Victor Langellotti (Monaco) 0:02:02
100 Davide Ballerini (Italy) 0:02:15
101 David Per (Slovenia)
102 Yacine Hamza (Algeria) 0:02:30
103 Patrick Jager (Austria) 0:02:32
104 Martin Schappi (Switzerland) 0:02:52
105 Matthew Teggart (Ireland) 0:02:58
106 Michael O’Loughlin (Ireland)
107 Guillaume Seye (Belgium) 0:03:01
108 Enzo Wouters (Belgium)
109 Stylianos Farantakis (Greece) 0:03:22
110 Maxim Piskunov (Russian Federation)
111 Jeremy Lecroq (France) 0:03:38
112 James Shaw (Great Britain)
113 Valens Ndayisenga (Rwanda) 0:03:45
114 Christophe Noppe (Belgium) 0:03:54
115 German Nicolas Tivani Perez (Argentina) 0:04:29
116 Geoffrey Curran (United States Of America) 0:05:01
117 Corentin Ermenault (France)
118 Izidor Penko (Slovenia) 0:05:07
119 Jon Bozic (Slovenia)
120 Stefan Stefanovic (Serbia)
121 Michael Storer (Australia)
122 Przemyslaw Kasperkiewicz (Poland) 0:05:13
123 Michal Schlegel (Czech Republic)
124 Samuel Maldonado (Uruguay) 0:05:59
125 Nicholas Schultz (Australia) 0:06:25
126 Gregory Daniel (United States Of America)
127 Stepan Astafyev (Kazakhstan)
128 Daniel Lopez Parada (Spain) 0:07:21
129 Mario Spengler (Switzerland) 0:07:32
130 Patrick Muller (Switzerland)
131 Nathan Van Hooydonck (Belgium)
132 Pascal Eenkhoorn (Netherlands)
133 Nuno Bico (Portugal)
134 Wan Yau Lau (Hong Kong, China)
135 Sean Mackinnon (Canada)
136 Aviv Yechzkel (Israel)
137 Jaime Castrillo Zapater (Spain) 0:08:05
138 Dusan Kalaba (Serbia)
139 David Jabuka (Croatia) 0:08:39
140 Tom Wirtgen (Luxembourg) 0:10:11
141 Pit Leyder (Luxembourg)
142 Eriks Toms Gavars (Latvia) 0:10:29
143 Dzmitry Zhyhunou (Belarus)
144 Jai Hindley (Australia) 0:13:23
145 Michael Kukrle (Czech Republic) 0:15:16
146 Dilmurodjon Siddikov (Uzbekistan) 0:15:36
147 Ka Hoo Fung (Hong Kong, China)
148 Meron Arham Brhane (Eritrea)
149 Getachow Yohannes Atsbha (Ethiopia)
DNF Mahdi Rajabikaboodcheshmeh (Islamic Republic Of Iran)
DNF Mateo Frankovic (Croatia)
DNF Martin Otonicar (Slovenia)
DNF Henrik Evensen (Norway)
DNF Bryan Gomez (Colombia)
DNF Lucas Hamilton (Australia)
DNF Nicolas Masbourian (Canada)
DNF Roman Lehky (Czech Republic)
DNF Alexander Cowan (Canada)
DNF Timur Maleev (Ukraine)
DNF Omer Goldshtein (Israel)
DNF Maral-Erdene Batmunkh (Mongolia)
DNF Amanuel Gebrezgabihier (Eritrea)
DNF Jenthe Biermans (Belgium)
DNF Filippo Ganna (Italy)
DNF Ho San Chiu (Hong Kong, China)
DNF Bilguunjargal Erdenebat (Mongolia)
DNF Enver Asanov (Azerbaijan)
DNF Enkhtaivan Bolor-Erdene (Mongolia)
DNF Islam Shawky (Egypt)
DNF Abdulhadi Alajmi (Kuwait)
DNF Alexei Shnyrko (Belarus)
DNF Jose Alexis Rodriguez (Costa Rica)
DNF Daniel Jara (Costa Rica)
DNF Akramjon Sunnatov (Uzbekistan)
DNF Zemenfes Solmon (Eritrea)
DNF Ali Nouisri (Tunisia)
DNF Gabriel Marin (Costa Rica)
DNF Guy Sagiv (Israel)
DNF Ali Moslim (Kuwait)
DNF Vasili Strokau (Belarus)
DNF Elias Abou Rachid (Lebanon)
DNF Pavol Kvietok (Slovakia)
DNF Rinat Udod (Ukraine)
DNF Nazar Lahodych (Ukraine)
DNF Kanan Gahramanli (Azerbaijan)
DNF Khaled Alkhalaifah (Kuwait)
DNSF Scott Davies (Great Britain)
DNS Jan Marcus Faaglum Karlsson (Sweden)