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Whopper of a brawl! Nightmare customer in a leg brace starts trouble at a Houston Burger King and gets taken down and TASERED by staff.

All hell broke loose at a Burger King branch when a nightmare customer launched a violent tirade before staff members held him down and tasered him.
Cell phone footage taken by a curious customer at the fast-food restaurant in Houston, Texas, shows a man erratically cursing at the cashiers and throwing out equipment, including what appears to be the cash register.

‘Spray that shit ni**er!’ the white customer says to the black employee.
A brave employee then comes forward to confront the man, whose left leg is in a cast.
‘You ain’t got sh** on me!’ the man repeatedly says to the employee.

The customer pushes the staff member (left), who then proceeds to punch him in the face (right)
He then proceeds to push the staff member. It is at this point that the tirade becomes physical.
The staff member, taking a boxer’s stance, punches him in the face twice. On the second blow, the customer falls to the ground.
Another staff member attempts to subdue the erratic customer – whose motives for lashing out are unclear – by placing both feet on him while he is laying on the ground.

A female employee then approaches the man on the ground and tries to taser him, but to no avail.
While the customer tries to get back to his feet, another staff member slaps him in the face.
The woman with the taser kicks him twice and yells, ‘Get up b***h!’
The defeated customer gets onto his feet, approaches the exit and takes his trolley parked outside of the building, while the female employee yells, ‘Get out of here!’