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Weyane Refuses To Let Go Eritreans – 2020

Weyane Refuses To Let Go Eritreans

Weyane Refuses To Let Go Eritreans

– TPLF to use Eritreans as a “human shield“.

03 June 2020 – (EP) This month in 1998, Weyane set in motion a campaign to round up Eritreans, strip of all proof of Ethiopian citizenship, and deport Ethiopians of Eritrean origin from the country. As many as 75,000 left Ethiopia with only the clothes they were wearing on.

22 years later, Weyane is playing deadly game against Eritreans once again albeit in different circumstance.

Eritreans staying in Tigray’s camps (pictured) have been refused permission to leave the Kilil for the last six months, several sources tell EP from Mekelle, the capital of the Zone.

TPLF kept mothers and children as hostages to be used as a “human shield” in any possible attack from the Ethiopian or Eritrean governments while trying to integrate the highly Sawa trained men and women Eritreans as “forced soldiers against their will”, said the sources.

In February, the TPLF’s chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael had let out Weyane’s intention and was seeking out active Eritrean military defectors when he declared, “Come to Tigray. it is your country!”

To Eritreans staying short in Tigray, the TPLF Chief told them the dreaded words, “This is your home; this is your country!”

To make matters worse, “TPLF staffs working in the camp are now threatening and imprisoning Eritreans favouring the closure,” said the sources.

The camps are considered safe during the day, and it is perceived as dangerous at night.

“Violence escalated during Orthodox Easter celebrations in April when police tried to arrest Eritreans who were planning to leave Tigray, but thankfully, they could not carry out any arrests,” added our sources from Mekelle.

Eritreans use Sudan and Kilil Tigray as a stopover to migrate to Europe. Majority of Eritreans do not stay long in Tigray and travel south to Addis Ababa to arrange travel plans to Europe.

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki, who wants nothing less than the TPLF’s leaders’ heads on a platter and his “buddy” Ethiopian Prime Minister called the camps “sham” and want them closed for good.

Tigrayan officials do not want to shut its doors to Eritreans for the above reasons and as it is the local government’s main foreign currency resources from aid agencies.

The Eri-Ethiopia rapprochement in 2018 has seen Isaias export Ethiopian rebels back home while Abiy put an end to operational support and subsidies from Ethiopia’s federal government to Eritrean exile organisations.

But TPLF refused to stop supporting the “Tequamerties” such as the well known Mesfin Hagos who is still lives and works as a collaborator of Weyane’s scheme in Mekelle.