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USA Support Abiy’s reform, US Ambassador 2021

USA Support Abiy’s reform, US Ambassador

USA Support Abiy’s reform

U.S. would support Abiy’s reform.

TPLF messes up Ethiopia’s politics and economy: Newly appointed US Ambassador to Ethiopia, Geeta Pasi

The TPLF’s policies put Ethiopia’s political and economy in chaos

According to Ambassador Geeta The policies formulated by TPLF has resulted in significant economy and political crises such as unemployment, inflation and the non- inclusive growth rate.

In her latest interview with foreign media, the ambassador further said the existing land policies disallow the farmers to own their land.

Talking about the conflict broke out between the Federal Government and Tigray people’s Liberation Front (TPLF), she said that the war was started by TPLF. “The TPLF, minority group had been solely monopolizing the economy and politics of the country for over two and half decades.”

As to Geeta, Prime-Minister Abiy Ahmed has promised to widen the political space and liberate the economy. “Creating an enabling environment would help improving average Ethiopians livelihood and the U.S. would support Abiy’s reform to realize the democracy he envisioned though he has faced various challenges from TPLF.”

Regarding the controversy over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, she said the United States will continue to play a leading role in the ongoing talks on the Renaissance Dam and encourages Ethiopia and Egypt to continue fruitful discussions. “Reaching such a huge energy potential would be a win-win situation for all countries,” she said.

“We, along with other peace-loving countries, will continue to push for a peaceful solution between Ethiopia and Egypt,” said Ambassador Geeta.