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TPLF is preparing to repeat the massacre of maikadra in Mekelle 2020

TPLF is preparing to repeat the massacre of maikadra in Mekelle

TPLF is preparing to repeat the massacre of maikadra in Mekelle

The TPLF junta is preparing to repeat the atrocities it committed in MaiKadra on November 9, in the city of Mekelle, National Defence Force Indoctrination Director General, Major General Mohammed Tessema said.

The junta has planned to commit the atrocities through a special group wearing Ethiopian and Eritrean military uniforms made by Almeda textiles, he said.

While briefing the media yesterday, the Director General said all the conspiracies that the junta planned have failed.

M/ General Mohammed said this group has set another destructive plan.

According to him, the junta has planned to repeat the atrocities that it committed on civilians in Mai Kadra on November 9 on the residents of Mekele. A squad has already established to commit the crime.

The squad planned to commit the crime wearing military uniforms of the Ethiopian and Eritrean defence forces made by the Almeda textiles to be used for such purposes.

According to the Director General, by wearing the military uniforms of both countries’ armies, the junta has planned to make allegation against Ethiopia and Eritrea for killing civilians so that gain support from the international community.

The plan has shown that the junta has no empathy for the people of Tigray, which he said is the true nature of the group, Major General Mohammed.

The Director General said the actions and misinformation that the junta has been spreading has shown their desperation.

He mentioned the misinformation related to taking back areas controlled by the army and portray the law enforcement as a war waged on the people of Tigray.

It is to be recalled that the junta has spread claiming that it has fully destroyed the 21st mechanized division and took control of the town of Adwa.

Saying that he and other army generals were giving a press briefing from the area at that moment, Major General Mohammed said it depicts the false propaganda that the junta has been spreading.

He mocked the group saying to give the briefings on the spot where they claimed to take back instead of hiding.

Despite efforts by the junta to make the law enforcement as a war waged against the people of Tigray, the people have shown tremendous support in the areas that are freed from the junta forces.

The Director General appreciated the public for the support they provided for the law enforcement operation.