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TPLF & OLA Shane Behind Assassination of Haachaalu Hundessa 2020

TPLF & OLA Shane Behind Assassination of Haachaalu Hundessa

TPLF & OLA Shane Behind Assassination of Haachaalu Hundessa

Since the start of the week, Ethiopia has been rocked by unprecedented levels of violence. The unrest began following the assassination of a prominent musician and activist in the Ethiopian capital on Monday night.

Haachaalu Hundessa was gunned down near his condominium home in the midst of the night. His death sparked widespread outrage among Ethiopians at home and abroad in the diaspora.

Riots, looting and armed clashes ensued which engulfed the capital and large parts of Ethiopia’s volatile Oromo region. Movement in the capital and the surrounding areas has been crippled and put at a standstill.

Over 80 people where killed in the violence which spanned over the past few days. Local NGO’s believe the death tole is expected to rise dramatically as violent clashes intensify throughout the country.

The situation has exacerbated following a series of arrests targeting scores of prominent opposition figures from Ethiopia’s Oromo community such as the fanatical right wing hate preacher Jawar Mohamed and chairman of the disgraced OFC party, Bekele Gerba just to name a few.

However the unfolding events have taken an unexpected turn. president of Oromia regional state, Shimilis Abdissa spoke during a televised press conference, accusing the former ruling Junta (TPLF) and a breakaway rebel faction dubbed Shane (OLA) for being behind the assassination of Haachaalu Hundessa .

Oromia regional state President Shimilis, appeared on Oromoia regional state television visibly emotional and was even seen tearing up as he lambasted the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and the renegade Oromo Liberation Army (Shane) for its roll in Monday night’s gruesome killing which sparked nation wide unrest.

Ethiopia’s federal police commissioner has revealed the motives behind Haachaalu Hundessa assassination remains unclear, which in itself debunks the claims made by the latest claims made by Oromo regional president, Shimilis.

The current ruling government in Ethiopia led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and its allied regional factions in the country have made it norm to blame renegade Oromo rebels and the former ruling Junta (TPLF) every time the country is plagued by turmoil, as seen with the recent developments in the fragile country.

Ethiopia closes head office of Oromia Media and the Broacasting Authority says 3 others; Asrat Tv, Dimtsi Weyane & Tigray Tv are being investigated over same issue.

The move comes after days of violence after the Haachaalu Hundessa killing.