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This is ETHIOPIA a sovereign nation 2020

This is ETHIOPIA a sovereign nation

We are sovereign, we have morals, we are responsible, we have laws! This is ETHIOPIA, Ambassador Redwan Hussein

“There needs to be clarity as it pertains to UN access for humanitarian assistance. The agreement signed is for assistance to be led and coordinated by the Ethiopian government. No entity, multilateral or unilateral can supplant the responsibility of the gov’t.” Ambassador Redwan Hussein

In a statement, Ambassador Redwan Hussein said the law enforcement campaign has reached a “phase of hunting criminals and rebuilding.” The Ambassador said the government’s priority in this phase is to rehabilitate infrastructure and rehabilitate people affected by the conflict.

The hiding place of the TPLF criminals has already been found and the arrest of the criminals will be completed soon, The Ambassador added.

He noted that some aid agencies and the media were complaining about the lack of access to the region. However, he said that the rules of procedure in the region, including humanitarian agencies, should be in line with the guidelines given by the federal government.

This is not only for the country’s sovereignty but also for their own safety, said Ambassador Redwan.

Disaster Risk Management Commissioner Mitiku Kassa, for his part, spoke about the ongoing humanitarian assistance in the region, focusing on coordination between governmental and non-governmental organizations.

He said the project is being implemented by setting up about 10 cluster support groups for government agencies and non-governmental organizations.