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The TPLF has hiding in churches 2020

Ethiopian military has controlled Axum airport

The TPLF has been hiding in churches

Ethiopian military has controlled Axum airport.

The TPLF has been hiding in churches, including the historical church Axum Zion, to protect itself from attacks by defence forces.

Axum is situated between Adwa, TPLF’s hometown and Mekele Tigray.

By controlling Axum Ethiopia separated TPLF’s forces and confined TPLF leadership into one area.

Missile and radar, which were controlled by the TPLF, were reportedly destroyed

TPLF continues to carry out Targeted on ethnicity killings: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Mminister Demeke Mekonnen

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Mminister Demeke Mekonnen

The most heartbreaking, inhumane and tragic genocide committed against our innocent people in the area of ​​Maykadra is an unforgivable crime perpetrated by the evil group.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Mminister Demeke Mekonnen described the massacre as “horrific.”

He said the main reason for the apostate TPLF to continue its evil deeds is to fulfill its stated goal of undermining the unity and dignity of Ethiopians until the end of time.

Ethiopia is a country that has faced many challenges over the centuries, but it has never faced a brutal and brutal criminal group like the TPLF in its history.

With the joint efforts of the people and the government, We will soon bring the Junta to justice.

The TPLF mafia has massacred the army that was defending the country Lt. Gen. Bacha Debele

FDRE forces destroy TPLF stronghold 60 km east of Humera place called Idris: General Berhanu Jula

The Northern Command, which had been under siege by the TPLF for five days and was denied food and water, is advancing and reorganizing and taking control of several areas, according to the Chief of Army Staff, General Berhanu Jula.

General Berhanu Jula said the army was currently destroying the group 60 km east of Humera.

General Berhanu told ENA that the 7th Mechanized, 8th Mechanized, 23rd Battalion, 11th Battalion, 31st Battalion, 20th Battalion, 4th Mechanized and 5th Mechanized were all under the control of the Northern Command.

“On behalf of myself and the people of Ethiopia, I would like to express my gratitude to this army for being a model of heroism.

General Berhanu Jula said the army has liberated the 5th Mechanized Battalion from the siege and reorganized itself in the last two to three days, starting from Dansha at Tirkan Airport in Humera and attacking the junta and controlling Baeker.

The army also liberated Humera from Lugdi, Maikadra, Bereket and Shiraro, along with the 5th Mechanized, which was liberated from the siege.
Itamajor said the army is moving towards Shire to liberate the people of Tigray and the security forces of Tigray.