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The Most Dangerous Migrant Route 2020

One of the Most Dangerous Migrant Routes

The Most Dangerous Migrant Routes

This is the situation for migrants in Saudi who face the risk of hunger and disease. The citizens of Africa’s horns from the Tgrai region the northern part of Ethiopia face the darkest conditions her in the yemeni saudi border.

The most disturbing fact about this life-threatening movement is that the readiness of the emigrants to face all sorts of risk including death.
In the course of these hard and hazardous foot journeys the migrants encounter problems such as malnourishment, dehydration, acute diarrhea ,food poisoning, physical violence, robbery, theft, rape, and extortion from smugglers, brokers, soldiers and villagers.

In the last few years it is becoming common to hear or read stories of
individuals dying while trying to illegally cross mainly to the Middle East.

Tens of thousands of people migrate from Eastern Africa to Yemen each year – even though the country has been devastated by a civil war, and smugglers frequently blackmail and torture migrants. Most migrants are hoping to make it to Saudi Arabia, and find work there.

The small country of Djibouti, located across from Yemen, is often a first stop for migrants. Only the Bab al-Mandab Strait, which is roughly 30 kilometers wide at its narrowest point, separates the two countries. That’s why Djibouti is a transit country for many migrants trying to make it to Saudi Arabia through Yemen.