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The key Junta leader arrested 2021

The key Junta leader  arrested

The key Junta leader Sebhat Nega has been arrested

Jan 08-2021

Sibehat Nega, TPLF’s mafia boss and mastermind has surrendered.

The murderous top TPLF official Sibhat Nega has been arrested. He was found hiding in a cave.

In other news Hayelom Araya’s wife has fallen to her death while fleeing.

The Defence Forces said that other leaders of the criminal group, including the crime strategist and the leader of the Junta, Sibhat Nega, have been arrested.

Sebhat Nega, the leader of the Junta, who devised a strategy to destabilize the country for the past 27 years and eventually waged a vicious war against Ethiopia’s army, has been arrested.

Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, head of the Defense Forces Deployment Department, told ENA that the top leadership of Junta was arrested in a highly difficult channel.

According to Brigadier General Tesfaye, other Junta leaders had been arrested along with Sibhat Nega.

He also said that the Junta militia, which was guarding the area, was also destroyed.

Accordingly, those arrested

1- Sebhat Nega, the head and strategist of the TPLF Clique.
2- Lt -Col Tseadu Rich – Wife of Sebhat Nega and a retired physician in Army Hospital.
3- Colonel Kinfe Tadesse who betrayed the National army
4- Colonel Yemane Kahisay who also betrayed the National Army
5- Asgede Gebrekiristos who joined the TPLF Clique from inland have been arrested today.
Alganesh Meles who was wife of Maj-Gen Hayelom Araya and joined the TPLF Clique from US where she was living for many years das died falling down to groud from a top place while trying to escape the manhunt.