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The General’s second mistake! 2021

The General's second mistake!

The General’s second mistake!

by Tesfaye Gebreab

The General’s second mistake!

I never imagined General Tsadkan would make such big mistake for second time.

The failed dreams of Tsadkan, Seyoum and seye…

Here was their plan!

Attacking and controlling the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

Next, take control of Gondar, Bahirdar and Dessie.

At the same time, Abiy Ahmed will flee with his family, and then control the palace with their organized members and supporters in Addis Ababa.

Next, forcing Eritrean refugees in Tigray to take the lead and controling Asmara and Massawa.

Then the Junta indirectly ruling Ethiopia by appointing some shameless Ethiopians as prime minister and foreign minister.

Next, destroy Eritrea forever. It was intended to destroy infrastructure, rape and humiliate Eritrean culture, social dignity, patriotism and human pride.

I also have enough information that they had plan to commit atrocities against Eritreans and the Amhara community. But right now for some reason, I do’t want to explain deep.

Things changed on the 18th as soon as the TPLF began its atrocities against innocent people in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Evil TPLF leaders have suffered. They were captured or killed. they planned to destroy Bahirdar and Asmara but self demolished.
They demolished Tigray, which they had built for 30 years, in 3 weeks. And the TPLF leaders turned out from shooting missiles to captives. Moreover, they were seen shaking and roling on streets of America. It turned out to be a disgrace.

But I do not understand how General Tsadkan, who cried like a baby with his last battle with Eritrea, could be wrong again.

The General's second mistake!
Tesfaye Gebreab writer

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