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The federal continues its offensive: Ethiopia  2020

Ethiopia’s prime minister has shown no sign of opening talks 

The federal continues its offensive

The Ethiopia’s air force is “pounding targets in Mekelle with precision,” attacks today on the terrorist TPLF group’s military armaments with no target of civilian population and locations, a military official said.

Monday, the federal government continues its offensive against northern region of Tigray and no clear route to peace is seen.

Ethiopia’s prime minister has shown no sign of opening talks with the TPLF and said Justice Shall Prevail: Progress in Rule of Law Operations in Tigray.

Our law enforcement operations in Tigray are proceeding as planned: operations will cease as soon as the criminal junta is disarmed, legitimate administration in the region restored, and fugitives apprehended & brought to justice – all of them rapidly coming within reach, said the prime minister in his tweets.