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The current situation in northern Ethiopia 2021


The current situation in northern Ethiopia

The current situation in northern Ethiopia

Executive director of the Defense Endocrination major general Mohammed made a statement about the current situation in northern Ethiopia.

Legally required members of the junta are also confusing society by delivering false information to various domestic and foreign media, the director-general said.

Despite the group’s demolition, the traces are undermining peace in various areas of the country while forcing young people to do so, he also said.

Video evidence shows TPLF rebels defiling Ethiopian dead bodies

The Ministry of Defense is a fabricated rumor spread by the junta that it has killed innocent people in Tigray.

These traces also mentioned the continuation the international media’ propaganda to make it appear that the Defense Army had launched an attack while killing innocent citizens themselves.

Therefore, he said, the defense is taking action against these bodies.

He also called on the People of Tigray to continue to strengthen their support for the defensive army so far.