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How do you feel if your lover betrays you?


Girl reacts to her Boyfriend Cheating… CAUGHT ON TAPE!

Some background behind this video:
Our friend Luz has been complaining to our buddy Luis about her new boyfriend. Luz and her boyfriend met at a Wholefoods, and been dating for almost a year. Recently (the past 3 months) the arguments have started, and Luz got most suspicious of her boyfriend’s distance after he flaked on a date they setup a couple weeks ago, she was unable to reach him (his excuse was his car and cellphone battery both died!).

So Luz told this to Luis, and she thought of this devious plan to test her boyfriend’s faithfulness. Luis set it up with his hot friend Harley, and… well here are the results.

If you’d like to put your man (or girl) to the test, let us know, we’ll have Luis set them up, but we get to record it and put it on Youtube! That’s the stipulation!