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TEAM ERITREA RED SEA Camels Mike Seium Pele Junior and Amanuel Kubrom are organizing fundraiser 2019 Amazing

fundraiser for TEAM ERITREA's RED SEA Camels 2019
fundraiser for TEAM ERITREA’s RED SEA Camels 2019

Mike Seium Pele Junior and Amanuel Kubrom Mebrahtu are organizing fundraiser for TEAM ERITREA’s RED SEA Camels

As most people know by now the Eritrean national under 20 football/soccer team has been performing very well. The possibility of winning the title for the CECAFA U-20 being held in Uganda was very high. In a very unexpected move 4 players who were a part of the team that helped them grow and become part of the national program decided to no longer be part of the squad at a very critical moment when Eritrea was to play against Kenya in the semi-finals. Those players who left the evening before the game distracted the majority of the players on the team as news headlines started to promote a negative campaign against the TEAM ERITREA and the country. However, the Eritrean can do spirit remained intact as TEAM ERITREA lost to Kenya 1-0 as a result of an own goal. A spectacular performance by the players who stood against adversity and showed the world that they can still play. As Eritrea gets ready for the 3rd place game against Sudan and for the players still intact on the team many people around the world have suggested we support them by collecting funds to encourage and support them. While there may be plans to celebrate their accomplishments in Eritrea the diaspora “One Heart One People” by overwhelming request have asked to contribute their donations so that these young men can continue on a positive note. Let us join in helping and allowing these young men to be able to enjoy their careers at home and allow them to enjoy their return by sharing and showing much needed love through a token of appreciation.
Thank you in advance! VIVA TEAM ERITREA’s RED SEA Camels.42489764_1570198683358596_r.jpeg

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  • TODAY by Mike Seium Pele Junior, Organizer
    Thank you for the overwhelming support for those young men who have been representing the Eritrean flag proudly. Let us shoot for the moon and even if we don’t get there we are already among the stars. Eritrean pride will never be broken because it was made by the backbones of our martyred heroes the very same men and women who screamed “Awet n’ Hafash” as their life was being taken away for the sake of their ERITREA.

To Donate >> //www.gofundme Eritrean-U-20-National-Soccer