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Sudan’s military and opposition agree on transitional authority


Sudan’s military, opposition agree on transitional authority

July 5, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The African Union and Ethiopian mediators, in the early hours of Friday, announced an agreement between the opposition and military junta that would lead to the formation of a transitional authority of three years and three months.

The Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) have reached agreement on all the disputed issues especially the Transitional Sovereign Council, which was the main sticking point.

The collegial body will consist of eleven members five from each side. Both, they have to agree on an independent civilian who will be the eleventh member. Also, the TMC will chair the Sovereign Council for 21 months followed by the FFC for 18 months.

The parties agreed to set up an independent committee with the support of the African Union to investigate the bloody the attack on the pro-democracy sit-in in Khartoum on June 3, 2019.

As expected, the composition of the parliament was postponed for three months for more consultations before to establish it. The parties maintained the agreed rates of 67% for the FFC and 33% for the rest of the other forces that participated in the revolution without being part of the broad coalition.

Also, the FFC will form a government of qualified technocrats that will implement economic and political reforms and prepare for the general elections in 2022.

Immediately, after the announcement of the deal, celebrations took place on the streets of the capital and thousands of people of all ages took to the streets and chanted their slogan for a civilian-led authority “Civilian! Civilian! Civilian! ”

The opposition and military leaders hailed the sacrifices made by the Sudanese people to achieve peaceful change in Sudan and the ouster of the former regime.

They, also, pledged to implement what was agreed upon and to establish democratic rule in the country.

FFC negotiator and Sudanese Congress Party leader Omer al-Digair, who was the first to take the floor after the AU envoy hailed the struggle of Sudanese people for change and stressed that the most important priorities of the transitional government to achieve peace and to carry out a transparent independent investigation on the “killers of the martyrs”.

“After 30 years of dictatorial rule, the Sudanese have proven the long-established historical truth that freedom and dignity do not die, (in their country)” he said. “Through a brave revolutionary movement, they managed to break the restrictions and open doors to the lights of freedom.”

For his part, the TMC deputy head, Mohamed d Hamdan Daglo (Hemetti) vowed that the change will be comprehensive and does not exclude anyone to achieve all the hopes and aspirations of the Sudanese people and its victorious revolution.

He also hailed the regional and international efforts that accompanied Sudanese to reach this agreement and expressed hope to achieve the agreement and to establish a democratic rule in Sudan.

The agreement is expected to be signed on Monday 8 July in the presence of the Ethiopian prime minister, the head of the African Commission and a number of regional leaders.