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13 Things Successful People Do That You Should Do Too

We have all read books such as the habits of highly successful people. Here are a few snippets of advice along a similar theme. You can become more successful if you simply conduct yourself in the same way that successful people do. If you want to fly like an eagle, then don’t flap like a penguin.

1 – Successful people will get feedback from others
Successful people will surround themselves with positive thinking people. They do not surround themselves with “yes-men” or negative people. When a successful person has an idea, he or she will bounce it off of someone trusted to get a few counter ideas and constructive criticisms.
habits of all successful people

2 – Successful people appreciate that not all time is productive time
They know about the Pareto Principle, which states we only prosper through 20% of our efforts. A successful person knows this and will seek out that 20% so that he or she may build on it. For example, Bill Gates had more hobbies than building software, but he knew which hobby was the most productive.

3 – Successful people will collaborate
Collaboration and cooperation seems to be a running theme with the successful people of the world. You rarely see a big business founder that doesn’t have partners all over the place that help make the business a success.

4 – Successful people will not fear poverty
This is not a new idea, but it is very relevant when it comes to successful people. They seem to risk it all without fear, and this is because they do not fear poverty. If you consider the worst possible scenario and decide you do not fear it, then there is little that will ever hold you back.

5 – Successful people will learn how to take a few minutes of clarity
A lot of successful people in history have been smokers, and that is possibly because their smoking time gives them a few minutes of calm, quiet clarity for them to think openly. Those few moments you take, not necessarily while smoking, may help you see things as they are and realize where you are wasting your time.

6 – Successful people will FOCUS on the positive
highly successful people
It will work, it is going to work, won’t it just hurry up and work. Successful people do not expect the worst and hope for the best. They expect the best and then figure out why the best didn’t come. When a successful person experiences more success, it often reinforces his or her positive attitude. Successful people don’t fail, they simply endure delayed success.

7 – A successful person will get the vital things done first
They will concentrate on getting vital tasks done first because they have trained themselves to be productive. A successful person may have a long list of things to do and may only do three of them, but you can bet they are the most important things on the list.

8 – A successful person will concentrate on results
How perfect the process is will rarely affect a successful person. The ISO 9000 craze alienated epic amounts of successful people because of this, and that is because the ISO 9000 concentrated on the process and not the product. Successful people are often more concerned with the results, but make no mistake, they will learn from the process so that fewer mistakes are made next time.

9 – A successful person will follow through on their claims
Most people say they will do things that they never do. A successful person will do what he or she says he or she will. It is a simple process that is overlooked by billions. If you are going to do something, then start by saying it, and then do it. If you are not 100% sure you are not going to do something then do not talk about it.

10 – A successful person will not have an endless to-do list
This is because they are good at handling their own time and always improve organization skills. If a project has a deadline of three months then why make a start on it today? A successful person will pencil it in to his or her diary when there is a slow period. If not, the successful person will delegate to others.

11 – A successful person will learn from their failures
There are lots of quotes about failure on the Internet and in the world, suffice it to say that you are supposed to learn from your mistakes and never fear making them because each one offers a lesson that will improve you if you learn from it. Failure is not a stopping point. Successful people think of failure as delayed success.

12 – A successful person will be self-confident
They are often their own cheerleaders and it seems to do them a lot of good. It helps their positive mental attitude and seems to help them get results. A successful person is not made of rubber and will not bounce back by default. It only seems that way because the successful person is so good at talking him or herself back up again.

13 – A successful person will develop ideas and play them out
Many people have lots of ideas that are often forgotten or never really develop into anything. A successful person knows the value of ideas so will examine and consider the idea as if he or she were picking a company to invest in. A successful person knows that an idea, any idea, is the same as finding an unscratched scratch card on the floor. Only after investigating, picking it up, and scratching the surface, will you know if the idea is worth millions, or if it is no more valuable than the piece of cheap card it is printed on.

Which is the most important? Ask a successful person and see which he or she says is the most important. Maybe they are all vitally important. However, one has to imagine that point number 9 is very important because it is something that only a minority of people do. Successful people see their claims through, be it a claim to be the world boxing champion, to a claim that you will one day be the president