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Statement from the Ministry of Defense of the FDRE: Ethiopia 2020

Statement from the Ministry of Defense of the FDRE: Ethiopia

Statement from the Ministry of Defense of the FDRE

The Armed Forces of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) has upheld the sovereignty of our country by defending the external and internal attacks against our country by issuing detailed rules and regulations to carry out its mission in accordance with the obligations of Article 87 of the Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. that’s also maintaining public peace.

The Armed Forces is engaged in peacekeeping missions in various African countries on the principle that peace is our peace.

Above all, the people of the world and our region, as well as our country, are sacrificing peace and stability in the region by fighting the Al-Shabaab terrorist group that is hiding in neighboring Somalia.

The Ethiopian Armed Forces has worked with other security forces, regional governments, religious leaders, elders and especially our people to find a lasting solution to the instability in various parts of the country. Still working. The people of Ethiopia are a living witness to the fact that wherever our army arrives, the people breathe a sigh of relief and relief.

What we can learn from these victories is that our army is an army that can tirelessly carry out its duties at the same time, be invincible in the face of adversity, and rely on our people to make any sacrifice for the sake of national sovereignty and peace.

Distinguished Ethiopian People’s Defense Forces (EDF) is an army of development and peace that is committed to the well-being of our people.

In an effort to complete the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, which is a symbol of unity and strength of the nation, the army has been contributing billions of dollars a month to the construction of the dam. Based on the values ​​of the people and the country before our own, our defense force is acting as a leading role model for man-made and natural disasters faced by the people of our country.

To reduce the risk of flooding, to participate in a blood donation program, to assist farmers in the field, to play a significant role in conservation, to prevent the global epidemic of CVD 19, to reduce the wages and to support the weak, to make the table a reality for the country.

It is a fact that the Ethiopian people are well aware of the fact that this is a fundamental characteristic of the military from the very beginning, and that it has been working hard and contributing to the locust epidemic in our country.
It is a well-known fact among our people that our defense forces are able to withstand all the challenges they face in carrying out their national duties and carrying out their public duties.

However, at a time when the army is bravely and resolutely fulfilling its constitutional mission to ensure the sovereignty and peace of the people, groups and political interest groups that do not want peace and security in our country are using various media outlets to tarnish the army’s image and reputation. He realizes that he is working only on his duty.

Distinguished Ethiopian people, the body that issued a statement titled “Current Statement” by various media outlets in Tigray has issued a seven-point statement on military issues.

According to Article 87 (5) of Article 1 of the Constitution, the Ethiopian Armed Forces will not be able to carry out its functions of organization, service and control without the consent of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, in violation of the principle that the Armed Forces shall operate in a non-partisan manner. Based on security concerns, he issued a statement that distorted his ability to perform his duties.

The statement included the message that the FDRE Defense Forces, which has endangered the sovereignty and security of the country, has passed in silence and is a force for the protection of the interests of illegal political forces.

The fact is that our defense forces are taking the necessary and legal steps to save the lives of our citizens, but on the contrary, the army is massacring the people. A statement issued by the body denouncing the institution’s mission and history, which undermines the institution’s commitment to the country and its people.

Following this statement, some individuals and officials have been engaged in various media outlets to undermine the military’s constitutional mandate by echoing the body’s statement on defense.

The task force is reaffirming its commitment to the people of the region, which is working hard to prevent the locust swarm in various parts of Ethiopia and the Tigray region, while reaffirming its readiness to fulfill its mission to protect the country’s sovereignty. We find it inappropriate to issue a statement limiting the mission.

It is an irresponsible statement that does not take into account the mission of the army and prevents it from carrying out its duties and hinders its national and regional activities.

In the past, these bodies have been delivering similar content, but efforts have been made to act responsibly for the dignity and benefit of the people. As all the people of our country know, our defense force is not the executor of any political force, region or group, but a strong, national and national institution that was built to ensure the sovereignty, peace and security of the Ethiopian people.

Therefore, we have found that the statement regarding the organization and the performance of the army is a clear political intervention that violates the neutrality of the army.

At a time when the people of our country are struggling to ensure peace and sustainable economic growth by confronting the man-made and natural problems of our country, those who do not want our country’s development are directly and indirectly attacking our sovereignty, especially in connection with the Renaissance Dam. It is known that in various parts of our country, they are committing horrific killings and displacements for the purpose of creating chaos.

The Defense Forces are making great preparations to counter the security threats posed by the Renaissance Dam and by deploying a wide range of weather and geographical areas to prevent killings and displacements in various parts of the country; We would like to express our disapproval of the statement made by the person who issued the statement regarding the army in a manner that undermines the golden opportunity of the army at a time when it is making great sacrifices to ensure the peace of the people.

We strongly urge the issuing body of the statement to publicly correct the mistake, stating that the deployment and mission of the Armed Forces is in a legal and constitutional manner and does not fall under the control of any party or group. We also urge all parties to refrain from making statements that would impede the mission of the army and that convey an unnecessary message.

We reaffirm our commitment to the Federal Government of Ethiopia and the people of Ethiopia, as we have always been in a position to maintain our sovereignty and the peace of our people. We call for it to continue.

All members of the FDRE Defense Forces We, the members of the Defense Forces, have a brilliant history of struggle and victory. We have overcome all obstacles and overcome all obstacles for the sake of peace, security and development of our country and our people. We will continue to make history without stopping the conspiracies of any forces that try to hinder us from this journey, try to restrict our mission, and undermine our unity.

FDRE Ministry of Defense October 20, 2013 Addis Ababa Ethiopia


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