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‘Solomon’ 3 Gold medal winner Eritrean film


Eritrean movie “Solomon | ” wins 3 Gold Remi award at the Houston Film Festival

Huston Gold Medal for Eritrean Film “Solomon”
Asmara, 19 April 2016:- An Eritrean film titled “Solomon” has received Huston Gold Medal in the 49th US film festival.

Written by Efream Andebrhan, an Eritrean artist, the central theme of the film “Solomon” is mainly social. It reflects wedlock challenges seen in young couples.

“Solomon” has received this grand award by standing first out of 4500 films from 70 countries. Nominees for the role they played in the making of the film, Mereb Estifanos, a renowned Eritrean actress, and film producer Yodit Gebru have attended in the awarding ceremony.

It is to be recalled that Eritrean films “Tigisti”, “Aklasia”, “Debas” and “Velo” were awarded in the Huston Film festival.

SOLOMON, Eritrean film