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six die 100 hospitalized after eating meat of dead camel


Six people have died and over a hundred others hospitalized after consuming the meat of a dead camel in Baringo county.The residents attribute their tribulations to the ongoing hunger situation across the country which they say has pushed them to the brink of death.

Scores of patients slept outside the filled up Akwichatis Dispensary in Tiaty Sub-county seeking medical help.

The nursing officer in charge, Paul Chebet says he has attend to over 100 sick patients since he was the only nurse at the health facility at the time.

He said the victims brought themselves to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pain with uncontrollable diarrhea, suspecting that they might have eaten meat of an infected animal.

He said he has not slept for the last four days since the incident occurred as the patients were coming in droves even until midnight on Tuesday.

It is reported that Pokot residents gathered to share the meat of the sickly camel at Cheptuimet village in Baringo on Thursday last week before they developed serious cases of diarrhea and stomach ache.

Silale MCA Nelson Lotela, says there has been a disease outbreak affecting camels in the area although there has been no intervention by the county health officials.

Tiroko MCA Stephen Makliap urged the national government to send in a team of doctors to assess the situation in the county to avoid more deaths.

The country is currently grappling with a severe drought that has affected more than1.3 million people in different counties across the county.