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Seven people have been killed and three suspects shot dead by police after terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market

Two terror attacks have taken place in central London, according to the police.
The incidents in London Bridge and Borough Market are being treated as “terrorist incidents”, according to Met Police.

A van is thought to have driven into people in London Bridge, where at least one fatality has been confirmed, and people have been reported stabbed in Borough Market. Authorities gave no further confirmation of what happened or why they were being referred to as terror incidents.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted: “At 0025hrs 4/6/17 the incidents at London Bridge and BoroughMarket were declared as terrorist incidents.”

Terrorist incidents declared in London Bridge and Borough Market
Prime Minister Theresa May said she was being updated by officials on the “fast-moving” situation, adding: “I can confirm that the terrible incident in London is being treated as a potential act of terrorism.”

She will chair a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergency committee on Sunday, Number 10 said.

Witnesses described seeing a speeding vehicle veer into crowds on the bridge, while video showed dozens of people with their hands on their heads escorted away from the scene by officers.

And in the popular food market in south London, witnesses said they saw a man with a large blade.

Nick Brandon of the BTP’s force control room said he had received reports of an incident possibly involving a knife and a vehicle.

The seriousness of the injuries were not not yet known, he said.

He said trains were not stopping at London Bridge and Borough Market. Vauxhall station, which was temporarily closed, has now reopened.

For many in London, Saturday’s attack will be a grim reminder of the events on Westminster Bridge on March 22, when Khalid Masood drove a car into pedestrians, killing four and injuring 50, before stabbing a police officer to death at the entrance to parliament. The attacker — who reportedly had a criminal record and may have had connections to violent extremism — was gunned down by a police officer.
Khan is expected to join British Prime Minister Theresa May at an emergency meeting of Cobra — the UK’s emergency crisis committee — Sunday in response to the attack. May had earlier labeled the attack as “terrible incident.”
Aiming at the people
The attack began just after 10 p.m. local time on London Bridge, just north of an area famed for its cafes and bars, and near the London Bridge rail and underground interchange.
London terror attacks: What we know and don't know
London terror attacks: What we know and don’t know
Witness Mark Roberts, who was on the bridge at the time of the attack, told CNN the van was traveling south across the River Thames at a speed and was swerving as it struck several people, knocking one person “about 20 feet into the air.”
The van swerved into oncoming lanes before hitting a bus stop and coming to a stop, Roberts said.
“Within my line of sight, there were five or six people on the ground that were not moving,” he said. “It looked to me that the van was aiming at the people.”
Roberts said he heard what sounded like gunshots about 10 minutes later. He estimated 100 people were on the bridge at the time, fewer than earlier in the night because it was getting late.
“I froze, to be honest,” Roberts said. “As I was thinking … which direction should I run, the van swerved across the other side of the bridge from me.”