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Senior member of TPLF surrendered: 2020

Senior member of TPLF surrendered

Senior member of TPLF surrendered

Former Speaker of the House of Federation Keria Ibrahim is reported to have surrendered to the government.

The information was posted on Facebook by local media and emergency investigators, including foreign media.

Keria is a senior TPLF leader and has held senior government positions. He has been the Speaker of the House of Federation of Ethiopia since 2010.

Former Speaker of the House

Keria Ibrahim was a senior member of TPLF, a senior government official and speaker of the House of Federation.

Sudan arrests Tigray militia leader

November 30, 2020 (GADAREF) – The Sudanese army arrested a senior Ethiopian militia leader fighting along with the Tigray rebels inside the Sudanese borders, accompanied by his family members and a huge amount of money and gold.

Reliable security sources told the Sudan Tribune on Monday that the military intelligence of the 2nd Infantry Division in Gedaref had spotted the militia commander, accompanied by dozens of soldiers and his personal protection team, along with his family in the Allaw border area in Al-Fashaqa locality.

The arrested group is suspected of being involved in attacks on Sudanese lands in the Greater Al-Fashaqa area inside the Sudanese territory. It managed to control 150,000 acres belonging to Sudanese farmers and herders in the areas of Majaj, Allaw and Allakdi where the militia practised widespread terror operations amid villagers, the sources said.

“The militia leader owned about five thousand acres of agricultural land in the Al-Allaw area for decades. He used to cultivate it and sell its products to the western Tigray region,” the military sources said.

It further said that the Sudanese forces found in his possession about 5 billion pounds, large quantities of gold, furniture and two luxury cars.

The Ethiopian authorities launched a manhunt on Sunday for leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) who fled Mekelle on Saturday.

There were reports that some rebel leaders fled into mountainous areas, while others crossed into the Sudanese and South Sudanese border.

The Sudanese authorities pledged to cooperate with Addis Ababa to prevent the rebels from hiding in Sudan.

Thousands of civilians were killed and over 46,000 took refuge in Sudan after the eruption of the fighting on 4 November

Shire’s interim administration leaders have confirmed that the TPLF Junta’s discriminatory network will not continue.

The leaders said they are ready to serve the people of the city who were outraged by the TPLF Junta’s discriminatory administration.

Shire’s interim administration leaders

Hagos Berhe, the newly elected mayor of Shire town, said he is ready to fulfill his public responsibilities.

“I will work with elders, youth and other sections of the community to ensure peace, social services and development in the city,” he said.

Engineer Jamil Mohamed, who was elected as the deputy mayor of the interim administration, on his part reaffirmed his readiness to fulfill his responsibilities to the people.

He said the establishment of an interim administration in the city will bring stability to the people. He also said that the peace process is crucial.

Negesti Fantahun, who was elected head of the city’s capacity building office, reaffirmed her readiness to serve the people with sincerity and loyalty.

The administration leaders asked the residents of the city to stand by them and support them. They affirmed that the TPLF Junta era would not be repeated.

According to ENA, Dr. Mulu Nega, who has been appointed as the interim CEO of Tigray State, has been mobilizing in different parts of the state.