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Ras Dashen Mountain – TPLF ‘apologized’


Dedebit Steals Ras Dashen Mountain – TPLF ‘apologized’

by CDE

It can only happen in the present day Ethiopia. The ultra-shameless Tigray liberation fighters who are ruling the country tried to incorporate the World Heritage Semien Mountains National Park with its tallest peak Ras Dashen in the Amhara Highlands to their future Greater Tigray Republic.
The sixth grade English language textbook had placed Ethiopia’s highest mountain, Ras Dashen, in Tigray Regional State instead of the Amhara Regional State, TPLF’s state-owned television quotes an unidentified ministry official as saying.
The official added that a map in a tenth grade textbook on nationality and ethics failed to show the correct location of regional states (pictured amber color), the report added.
The sixth grade text book was published in 2004 and the tenth grade book in 2010.
It is not clear however if the books will be withdrawn.
It is unclear why the TPLF officials who used to live in the cages of the Dedebit mountain have made the apology now, but recently Amhara and Oromo regions have been rocked by deadly protests against the Tigray liberator government.
Opposition activists dismiss the TPLF apology saying the alterations were deliberate and a continued attempt by the ruling coalition to distort the country’s history.
The admission comes at a time when the country is facing a wave of protests over boundary disputes in the Oromia and Amhara states, which are the two largest in the country.
In July, protests erupted in the north-west over the failure by the Dedebits to move an administrative district from Tigray to Amhara state.
Human rights groups say more than 500 people have so far died since protests began last November.
Ras Dashen mountain rises to 4,533 meters and the tallest in Ethiopia. It forms the tip of the Semien Mountain.
The country has more mountains than any other country in Africa. However, it doesn’t have the continent’s highest mountain. With 5895 meters, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa.