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Progress in Rule of Law Operations in Tigray 2020

Justice Shall Prevail: Progress in Rule of Law Operations in Tigray

Justice Shall Prevail: Progress in Rule of Law Operations in Tigray by Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Justice Shall Prevail: Progress in Rule of Law Operations in Tigray

Under TPLF, millions of Ethiopian men and women had suffered widespread political repressions, economic as well as social marginalization for two decades.

These repressions eventually led to unending protests across the country and brought to power the incumbent.

Despite the body of evidence showing the wrong doings of TPLF, however, the government did not want to repeat the same old mistake: destroying everything that came before and start anew. As some political commentators close to the TPLF have once remarked, TPLF was given a “golden parachute” by the new administration—not out of fear but in pursuit of the spirit of reconciliation rooted in the desire to direct the nation along the path of democratic progress and economic prosperity. But these new conciliatory political shifts are anathema to TPLF as it wanted to maintain the status quo at any cost.

It seemed it did not have the heart and mind to understand it. Even today, three years after the reform began to take root, it seems adamant and kept its heart and mind closed to any notion of change and progress.

No sooner than the new administration began to take undertake reforms, TPLF began to accuse the federal government of targeting Tigrayans- a claim that suffered lack of concrete evidence and deep and correct context.

TPLF hurled accusations at the federal government of displacing Tigrayans and harassing them because of their identity. But this was not true. Tigrayans, like fellow Ethiopian, are living in peace with other Ethiopians in many different parts of the country. Likewise, like many Ethiopians, they were victims of pervert political plots set by TPLF itself in many parts of the country.

The establishment of Prosperity Party and the fury of TPLF