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President’s visit to Eritrea: A new era in the relations of both countries


Eritrea-Somalia Joint Declaration On Brotherly Relations and Comprehensive Cooperation

Asmara — President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed of the Federal Republic of Somalia and his delegation accompanied by President Isaias Afwerki have visited 29 July various developmental sites.

During his visit to the dams of Tekera, Misilam and Demas President Mohammed Abdullahi was provided briefing on the importance of the dams in the collection of water for agricultural activities, putting in place solar energy system, ensuring food security as well as in the implementation of the strategic national development programs.

In the course of their visit President Isaias Afwerki and President Mohammed Abdullahi were accorded warm welcome by the residents of the villages and towns they passed through including Dubaruwa, Gergera, Korbaria, Dekemhare, Mai-Habar, Nefasit.

Eritrea-Somalia Joint Declaration On Brotherly Relations and Comprehensive Cooperation

Cognizant of the deep bonds of friendship between the peoples of Eritrea and Somalia;

Recalling that the peoples of Somalia and Eritrea have consistently evinced solidarity and provided support to each other’s aspirations for freedom, independence and progress;

Determined to build on their historical brotherly relations and mutual solidarity to forge a partnership that benefits the two nations and the region;

The Governments of Eritrea and Somalia have reached the following points of agreement:-

1. Somalia is endowed with a strategic location and vast human and natural resources. However, it has been hampered in realizing its potential due to internal problems and external intervention. Thus, Eritrea strongly supports the political independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia as well as the efforts of the people and government of Somalia to restore the country’s rightful stature and achieve the lofty aspirations of its people.

2. Somalia and Eritrea will endeavor to forge intimate political, economic, social, cultural as well as defense and security cooperation.

3. The two countries will establish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors, promote bilateral trade and investment, as well as educational and cultural exchanges.

4. Eritrea and Somalia will work in unison to foster regional peace, stability and economic integration.

Done at Asmara on July 30, 2018

For the State of Eritrea For the Federal Republic of Somalia
President Isaias Afwerki President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

President’s visit to Eritrea: A new era in the relations of both countries
Asmara, 28 July 2018- The Minister of Information of the Republic of Somalia, Mr. Tahir Mohammed Gile said that the visit of President Mohammed Abdullahi to Eritrea will have significant contribution in heralding a new era of relation between Eritrea and Somalia.

Indicating that President Mohammed Abdullahi is visiting Eritrea for the first time, Mr. Tahir expressed that the visit will have important contribution in the development of the mutual relations and cooperation between the two countries and peace and stability in the region.

Mr. Tahir underscored that peace and stability is priority demand of the peoples in the region and that the stronger relations prevailing in the region will be important step in the development of peace and stability.

President Isaias Afwerki also hosted lunch in honor of President Mohammed Abdullahi and his delegation.