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Police shown pummeling suspect in video of arrest after high-speed pursuit from Holden, Mass., to Nashua, N.H.


Police officers repeatedly punched a wanted man who had surrendered after a high-speed, two-state pursuit led them to Nashua, N.H., Wednesday, according to reports.

Several officers could be seen pummeling Richard Simone, 50, in helicopter video footage by WFXT-TV even though he stepped slowly out of the truck, went down to his knees and put his hands on the ground.

“I gotta tell ya, the video doesn’t show everything, and there’s gonna need to be an independent investigation here, but the officers are going to have to explain why they needed to use that force, because nothing I saw in the video indicated a need to use force,” Daniel Linskey, a security consultant and the former superintendent of the Boston Police Department, told the TV station.

Linskey noted the officers may have thought the suspect was reaching for his waist. Both the Massachusetts State Police and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office have pledged to review the arrest.

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The state police said the chase began when Simone, a Worcester, Mass., man wanted on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny, and failure to stop for police, refused to pull the truck over in Holden. Officers from the local police department had tried to pull him over at 4 p.m., and an MSP cruiser soon fell in behind, according to MSP.

Simone sped through several towns before he crashed in Hudson, N.H., roughly 45 miles away, then pulled over in nearby Nashua about an hour later, police said.
The Nashua Police Department later took the suspect into custody.

Representatives for the department referred questions about the arrest to the state Attorney General’s Office.

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Jeffery Strelzin, the chief of the office’s homicide unit, told the Daily News in an email his team “will be conducting a criminal investigation to determine what force was used, by whom, and whether it was appropriate under the law.”

Officials with the Hudson Police Department noted in a statement on the department’s Facebook page that the suspect slammed into a utility pole before continuing over the Veteran’s Bridge into Nashua.

“No Hudson Police Department officers were involved with the pursuit into Nashua or with the apprehension of the suspect,” officials with the department said.
The state police promised to investigate both the chase, which will lead to additional charges against Simone, and the arrest.

“We will conduct a separate departmental review of the actual apprehension, as the video captured by news helicopters shows a use of force against the suspect,” MSP officials said in a statement. “That review will investigate whether the level of force used was appropriate given the totality of the circumstances.”