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Pledge to strengthen contribution in nation building process

Pledge to strengthen contribution in nation building process

Asmara, 17 July 2019- At a seminar conducted on 13 July in Tel Aviv, Eritrean nationals in Israel pledged to strengthen organizational capacity and contribution in the nation building process.

Pointing out that the Eritrean people have repeated the resilience and commitment they demonstrated during the armed struggle for independence in safeguarding the national sovereignty, Mr. Solomon Kinfe, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, expressed confidence that they will preserve the noble Eritrean values and strengthen contribution in the new era of peace and cooperation.

Indicating that the illegal and unjust sanctions that was imposed against Eritrea has been foiled through the strong organization and resilience of the Eritrean people, Mr. Solomon said that it is every citizen’s responsibility to make up the lost opportunity in the past 10 years.

Mr. Solomon also gave extensive briefing on the progress of the peace and cooperation agreement signed between Eritrea and Ethiopia and the opportunities it has created in the region.

The participants expressed resolve to strengthen contribution in the success of the national development drives.