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China Eastern Airlines – Panic as massive HOLE appears in plane’s engine moments after leaving Sydney airport… and pilot makes mayday call saying ‘the engine’s f*****’” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

Passengers reported hearing loud noises after the plane took off.

Madeleine Frith told 9News: “I didn’t realise, and no one behind the wing, realised how big the engine issue was.

“It looks like a pretty big dent… Just the fact we were close to it being worse.

“I’m glad we’re all safe.”

Another passenger said: “The moment that we took off the wing to my left just started making a massive amount of noise and they cleared all the seats.”

Travellers on board Flight MU736 are expected to board another plane this morning, reports the Daily Telegraph.

China Eastern Airlines are yet to release an official statement explaining what caused the disruption.

Another passenger told 7 News: “We went up in the air and all of a sudden we heard this noise… it kind of smelt like burning.

“I was really scared. Our group was terrified.”

The Airbus A330 was sent back to Sydney and evacuated, and nobody was injured, but passengers have been stranded in Sydney as they await another flight.

An investigation has reportedly been launched by the airline after the dramatic ordeal on the plane, which took off at 8.30pm local time.

A blanket of fog in Sydney has also been causing chaos for planes landing and taking off from the airport.

It comes weeks after a plane landed safely at Heathrow after losing a wheel mid-flight.

An airport worker said: ““None of the passengers knew what had happened and neither did the pilot, he was in shock when he landed and was told about the wheel.”