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Over 4.8 Billion to families of martyrs

Over 4.8 Billion Nakfa disbursed to families of martyrs

Over 4.8 Billion to families of martyrs

Over 4 billion 889 million Nakfa has been disbursed to families of
martyrs starting from 1995 till march of 2020, Mr. Zerai Tekleab,
the director of the Welfare branch in the Ministry of Labor and Social
Welfare disclosed.

Speaking to the Eritrean News Agency in connection with the
commemoration of 20 June, Martyrs Day, Mr. Zerai explained that the Government of Eritrea has in 1995 provided a total sum of 10,000 Nakfa to the families of martyrs for each fallen hero while a monthly payment of 500 Nakfa has been provided since 2004 in line with proclamation 137/2003.

Mr. Zerai further stated that to facilitate the applicability of the
proclamation and the monthly payment, the Government of Eritrea
has established 15 permanent centers and 37 mobile sites.

Regarding the financial support Eritreans inside and outside the country contribute, Mr. Zerai pointed out that nationals have been shouldering the responsibility of supporting from one to 54 families while those clustered in groups have been supporting up to 90 families of martyrs.

The nationals have so far´contributed over 1.2 million Nakfa to augment the Martyrs’ Trust Fund since 2004, he added.

Mr. Zerai further elaborated that apart from the regular support provided by the Government and nationals, thousands of familieshave been assisted with livestock, small scale businesses and are being provided with vocational trainings.