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New Mother : – I was pregnant for four hours


source:- Karsten Gøttler

Nybagt mor: – Jeg var gravid i fire timer

Havde hård mave - fødte søn

33 -year Woman went to the emergency room with stomach problems – and then she gave birth to a son

I managed to be pregnant for four hours before I gave birth.So accurately expresses 33-year-old Camilla Karlsen total upheaval of her life that occurred Saturday night in a delivery room at Kolding Hospital / Danmark /

After several months to have suffered from digestive problems and chronic stomach pain, she took to the emergency room. Here asked a doctor her to pee in a glass and a half minutes later, the diagnosis was clear: – You are pregnant and about to go into labor.

– It came as a bolt from the sky. I had no idea that I was pregnant.

At 23:18 born Camilla a little boy of 2770 grams and 49 centimeters. She had four hours to get used to being pregnant.

– In the maternity ward, I was examined by a midwife who said I was eight centimeters open.

– And what does this mean, I asked.

– It means you give birth very soon, she said.

Wish Child canceled

Camilla’s incredible story hangs together like this : For almost a year ago she decides and the X-boyfriend to have a child . Camilla quit p pills and shortly after going the couple apart.

And her Wish to get child were canceled and Camilla have not seen her X-boyfriend since

– I was sure that was rooted in my cycle , for I had experienced before to stop with the p pills . Instead, I threw myself into physical exercise , partly to get in top condition and as a kind of therapy for a broken love affairs , says Camilla .

But even though she came in sharp form , would topmaven not disappear. She went to see a dietician and put themselves on a diet.

– During the spring there are several who have asked that I was pregnant . and rejected it totally categorical , for that was simply not possible .

Got used to a stomach ache

As the weeks goes by, she got used to the rumbling bowel movements , but she took only a few kilos in weight.

On Saturday, she woke up – as so often before – with a stomach ache and decided to go a pair of healthy walks in Kolding .

– It should goes away ?

– Yes , ha , ha , ha . I figured that it was the long-awaited period that touched on it.

Unaware of the impending birth trotted Camilla around in Kolding, but the evening went belly pinene (ie contractions , ed.) To . And then she called her mother.

– Now it must have an end , my mother said , and drove me to the emergency room .

– What did you think when they sentenced you pregnant and to give birth ?

– First we laughed all together. Then there fell a great peace over me , and I was delighted to feed my desire child for a very long after grant.