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MOA Issued Advisory Note on potential locust infestati 2020

MOA Issued Advisory Note

MOA Issued Advisory Note on potential locust infestati

The Ministry of Agriculture issued yesterday, 09 October, an Advisory Note on FAO forecast of potential locust infestation in October-December originating from neighboring countries.

Pointing out that the desert locust situation continues to deteriorate in neighboring countries, the Ministry of Agriculture called on administrations, EDF units, and offices of the Ministry of Agriculture to stay alert and prepare for any potential locust infestation.

The Ministry of Agriculture further stated that it had managed to fully control locust infestations that stretched over 2,500 hectares of land throughout the country in August and September by marshalling requisite equipment and resources.

Intensive control operations are in progress in combating desert swarms breeding in over 3 thousand hectares, the Ministry added.