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Metkel Eyob Wins Tour of Indonesia 2019 Stage 4


2019»Tour of Indonesia (2.1)

Stage 4  »  Jember  ›  Banyuwangi   (151.9k)

Tour de Indonesia 2019: Metkel Eyob Wins Stage 4 in Jember-Banyuwangi. This is the video
Tour de Indonesia 2019 bicycle race today, Thursday (8/22/2019) held Stage 4 race with the Jember-Banyuwangi route with the finish point in the Mount Ijen tourist area. Watch the live streaming from the official Tour d’Indonesia account.
SutarnoSutarno | 22 August 2019 17:08 WIB, JAKARTA – Tour de Indonesia 2019 bicycle race today, Thursday (8/22/2019) held Stage 4 race with the Jember-Banyuwangi route with the finish point in the tourist area of ​​Mount Ijen.

Metkel Eyob from the Trenggan Cycling Team appears as the fastest racer. The racer from Eritrea, a country on the African continent, became the first rider to touch the finish line in the Ijen Banyuwangi tourist area.

Metkel Eyob is only a few seconds ahead of racer Thomas Lebas from the Kinan Cycling team. Metkel Eyob and Thomas Lebas could sprint ahead of the line fisnih the contour path uphill.

The following is a list of podiums for Stage 4:

1. Metkel Eyob (TSG)
2. Thomas Lebas (KIN)
3. Amir Kolahdouz (TMG)


The race starts at 10.00 WIB in the town square of Jemeber precisely in front of the Jatim Bank Branch Office in Jember, watch the live streaming from the official Facebook account of Tour d’Indonesia above.

Tour de Indonesia 2019 takes a distance of 825.2 kilometers from Borobudur Temple (Magelang) to the Batur Geopark of Bali.

The Tour d’Indonesia bicycle race was joined by 18 teams from 26 countries covering a distance of 825.2 kilometers, which was divided into 5 stages as follows:

– Stage 1: Borobudur-Ngawi Temple 178km
– Stage 2: Madiun-Batu 157.7km
– Stage 3: Batu-Jember 195.9km
– Stage 4: Jember-Banyuwangi (Ijen) 150km
– Stage 5: Gilimanuk-Batur UNESCO Global Geopark 143.6km

The start flag is hoisted at 10:00 WIB with a starting point in the square of Jember City, precisely in front of the Jatim Bank Branch Office in Jember.

Marcus Culey from the Sapura Cycling Team from Malaysia won Stage 3 Batu-Jember. Marcus Culey appeared as the first rider to touch the finish line. Culey recorded 4 hours, 15 minutes and 35 seconds

The distance of 2nd place winner Rohan Du Plooy from the ProTouch Team is quite far because it is more than 30 seconds. There is also the third champion won by Yudai Arashiro from Kinan Cycling Team.

Meanwhile, KFC Cycling team racer Abdul Soleh listed himself as the fastest Indonesian racer in the third stage of Bank BRI Tour d’Indonesia 2019 who took the 193-kilometer route from Batu to Jember, Wednesday (8/21/2019). 4

Abdul finished the race in seventh, with a difference of 1 minute 39 seconds from first place Marcus Culey. Abdul Soleh finished seventh with a record time of 4: 17: 1
The second stage of the Madiun-Batu route was held on Tuesday (8/20/2019) which was won by Jaroen Meijers from the Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team. The Dutch rider won the sprint competition from Cristian Raileanu (Team Sapura Cycling) and Thomas Lebas (Kinan Cycling Team). These three riders recorded the same time as 3:51:12.

Meanwhile, Aiman ​​Cahyadi became the fastest among Indonesian bicycle riders in the second stage of the Tour d’Indonesia 2019 on Tuesday, despite having experienced a tire leak.

Aiman ​​who appeared for the PGN Road Cycling Team completed the Madiun-Batu route with a record time of 3:53:49, followed by KFC Cycling Team riders, Selamet Juangga and Muhamad Abdurahman, who each arrived at the finish with a time difference of 0.11 and 0, 36 seconds behind Aiman.

The hard work of Aiman ​​and the PGN team also brought Aiman ​​into the top 10 in the general category won by the Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team rider, Jaroen Meijers.

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Angus Lyons bicycle racer from Oliver’s Real Food (Australia) team won the first stage of the Tour d’Indonesia which finished in the Ngawi Regency square, East Java, Monday (8/19/2019).

In the first stage taking a start from the Borobudur Temple area, Magelang, Central Java, Lyons recorded 3 hours, 55 minutes, 48 ​​seconds after winning the sprint with Roth Ryan X-Speed ​​United (Hong Kong) and Vogt Mario from Team Sapura Cycling (Malaysia ).

All three riders reached the finishes almost simultaneously so they recorded the same time.

Meanwhile, Muhamad Abdurahman from the KFC Cycling Team (Indonesia), who placed seventh in the general category, became the first Indonesian rider to touch the finish line.

Abdurahman recorded a time of 3 hours, 57 minutes, 54 seconds 2.06 seconds. The second fastest Indonesian rider is Aiman ​​Cahyadi from PGN Road Cycling Team (Indonesia) 3.58.48, and third place Slamet Juangga (KFC) 3.58.48.

Abdurahman also became the second best rider in the Asian category, behind Goh Choon Hwat who recorded 3 hours, 56.01 seconds. The third place is occupied by Yamamoto of the Kinan Cycling Team (Japan) with a record time of 3 hours 57.57 seconds.

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Tour of Indonesia, the uphill finish awards the Eritrean Metkel Eyob
22 August 2019
The fourth stage of the Tour of Indonesia , the 161 km Jember-Banyuwangi, ended on the ramps of the ascent that leads to the homonymous volcano. At the end of the long ascent it was a challenge to two for the success of the day: Metkel Eyob prevailed , which in this way hit the first seasonal success .
The Eritrean of the Terengganu Cycling Team got the better of the French Thomas Lebas (Kinan Cycling Team); all the others behind, starting with the Iranian Amir Kolahdozhagh (Taiyuan Miogee CT), third at 50 ″, followed by Marcos García (Kinan Cycling Team) at 1’24 “, Benjamin Dyball (Team Sapura Cycling) at 1’44 “, Drew Morey (Terengganu Cycling Team) at 1’51”, Jesse Ewart (Team Sapura Cycling) at 3’21 “, Cristian Raileanu (Team Sapura Cycling) at 3’23”, Salvador Guardiola (Kinan Cycling Team) and Thanakhan Chaiyasombat (Thailand Continental Cycling Team) at 5’03 ”.

5’20 “and thirteenth place for the leader, the Australian Angus Lyons (Oliver’s Real Food), who thus sees himself bypassed on the list by Thomas Lebas . It now stands at 1’37 “the margin on Lyons, at 3’27” the one on Raileanu and at 4’36 “the one on Ewart, with all the others above 5 ‘. Tomorrow the final fraction, the 143.6 km Gilimanuk-Batur Global Geo Park with a new uphill finish.

<th “=””>Time

Rnk Rider Team UCI Pnt
1  EYOB Metkel Terengganu Cycling Team 14 20 4:16:33
2  LEBAS Thomas Kinan Cycling Team 5 12 ,,
3  KOLAHDOZHAGH Amir Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team 3 7 0:50
4  GARCÍA Marcos Kinan Cycling Team 5 1:24
5  DYBALL Benjamin Team Sapura Cycling 4 1:44
6  MOREY Drew Terengganu Cycling Team 3 1:51
7  EWART Jesse Team Sapura Cycling 2 3:21
8  RAILEANU Cristian Team Sapura Cycling 1 3:23
9  GUARDIOLA Salvador Kinan Cycling Team 5:03
10  CHAIYASOMBAT Thanakhan Thailand Continental Cycling Team ,,
11  PHOUNSAVATH Ariya Thailand Continental Cycling Team 5:05
12  BERWICK Sebastian St George Continental Cycling Team ,,
13  LYONS Angus Oliver’s Real Food 5:20
14  CAHYADI Aiman Pgn Road Cycling Team 5:57
15  GOH Choon Huat Terengganu Cycling Team 5:58
16  MEIJERS Jeroen Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team ,,
17  NIETO Edgar Nohales Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team ,,
18  CHAWCHIANGKWANG Peerapol Thailand Continental Cycling Team ,,
19  CAVANAGH Ryan St George Continental Cycling Team 7:43
20  YAMAMOTO Genki Kinan Cycling Team 8:14
21  NUR HASAN Sandy Pgn Road Cycling Team 8:31
22  SETIAWAN Andreas Odie Purnama Pgn Road Cycling Team 8:53
23  MCKENNA Dylan X-Speed United 9:12
24  CHOI Hiu Fung HKSI Pro Cycling Team 9:25
25  VAN HEERDEN Eddie ProTouch 9:41
26  FITRIANTO Woro Indonesia ,,
27  MAZUKI Nur Amirul Fakhruddin Terengganu Cycling Team ,,
28  SOLEH Abdul KFC Cycling Team 11:29
29  FELIPE Marcelo 7 Eleven Cliqq – air21 by Roadbike Philippines 11:37
30  DUTTON Jay St George Continental Cycling Team 13:06
31  ELLIOTT William X-Speed United ,,
32  SIRIRONNACHAI Sarawut Thailand Continental Cycling Team 13:14
33  JUANGGA Selamat KFC Cycling Team ,,
34  FITRIANTO Hari Indonesia 13:33
35  SAI-UDOMSIN Phuchong Thailand Continental Cycling Team 14:59
36  KWON Soon Young KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 15:11
37  BATMUNKH Maral-Erdene Terengganu Cycling Team ,,
38  ARASHIRO Yudai Kinan Cycling Team 15:22
39  ROTH Ryan X-Speed United 16:09
40  FACHRI NAUFAL BAROKAH Muhammad Customs Cycling Team ,,
41  STRONG Corbin St George Continental Cycling Team ,,
42  ABDURRAHMAN Muhammad KFC Cycling Team 16:54
43  VOGT Mario Team Sapura Cycling ,,
44  ELIOT Mitchell ProTouch 17:10
45  ARIF PRAYOGO Dealton Nur Indonesia 18:11
46  FUNG Ka Hoo HKSI Pro Cycling Team ,,
47  RAHMANIBEIRAGH Mohsen Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan 18:41
48  ARIYAN Behnam Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan 20:00
49  AL MANSOORI Jaber United Arab Emirates 20:36
50  KIM Ji-Hun KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 22:15
51  JONES Campbell Oliver’s Real Food 22:32
52  PRESLEY Sebastian Oliver’s Real Food ,,
53  OETOMO Yosandy Darmawan Customs Cycling Team ,,
54  GANJKHANLOU Mohammad Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan ,,
55  SCHMIDT Jordan X-Speed United ,,
56  ALI SAHBANA Agung KFC Cycling Team ,,
57  KIM Jeahyun KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 24:00
58  NOVARDIANTO Jamalidin Pgn Road Cycling Team 25:03
59  KIM Donguk KSPO Bianchi Asia Procycling 26:30
60  AL MANSOORI Ahmed United Arab Emirates 27:29
61  LOOIJ André Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team 28:21
62  PAREJA Nichol Blanca 7 Eleven Cliqq – air21 by Roadbike Philippines 28:30
63  DINIZ Nicholas X-Speed United 28:47
64  CULEY Marcus Team Sapura Cycling 28:57
65  VAN AERT Bernard Indonesia 29:31
66  BENEKE Calvin ProTouch ,,
67  MANULANG Robin Pgn Road Cycling Team ,,
68  AL KAABI Saif Mayoof United Arab Emirates ,,
69  GALEDO Mark John Lexer 7 Eleven Cliqq – air21 by Roadbike Philippines 30:32
70  MAYOUF Khaled United Arab Emirates ,,
71  DU PLOOY Rohan ProTouch 30:54
72  BUTLER Reynard ProTouch ,,
73  WIGGINS Craig St George Continental Cycling Team 30:58
74  CHIU Ho San HKSI Pro Cycling Team 31:26
75  ARIESEN Tim Taiyuan Miogee Cycling Team 32:06
76  JAMSHIDIAN Amir Hossein Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan 32:09
77  FADLI Rizky Hidayatulah Customs Cycling Team 33:54
78  SETRA Qaris Maxu Irwandi Customs Cycling Team 34:17
79  LAU Wan Yau HKSI Pro Cycling Team 36:03
DNF  NATEGHI Hossein Foolad Mobarakeh Sepahan
DNF  MIRZA Yousif United Arab Emirates