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Mekelle city is under siege 2020

Mekelle city is under siege

Mekelle city is under siege

Ethiopian Defense Force controlled the major Military center

November 22, 2020

The Ethiopian Defence Force on Saturday controlled Adigrat city – the second-largest city in the Tigray region which is said to have significance from a military point of view.

The Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check team has confirmed the fall of Adigrat at the hands of the Ethiopian Defense Force and the operation to control Mekelle city is underway.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed himself confirmed the Defense Force’s capture of Adigrat city and expressed his admiration.

People living in the towns-controlled by the Ethiopian Defence Forces including Adwa, Shire, Aksum have returned to normalcy, according to Abiy Ahmed’s message.

The Prime Minister said, “the overall safety and well-being of the people of Tigray is of paramount importance to the Federal government and we will do all that is necessary to ensure stability prevails in the Tigray region and that our citizens are free from harm and want.”

Four important bridges along the road to Mekelle are destroyed, according to a report by state media – EBC. Furthermore, the Ethiopian government announced that TPLF destroyed Emperor Yohannes IV Airport serving Aksum – a tourist city that the Ethiopian Defence Forces controlled on Friday. Other credible sources report that the runway is destroyed.

Mekele under siege

Reports from Ethiopia claim the Ethiopian Defense Force controlled the major Military center Qwiha town which is located about ten kilometers southeast of Mekelle city. (Picture below)

At this writing, the Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check team did not confirm the story.

Social media sources who claim to have information about the ongoing war claim that Qwiha is indeed under the control of Ethiopian Defence Forces. 

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Airforce helicopters dropped leaflets from Mekelle sky to advise residents to make cautions but again that is unconfirmed by the emergency task force.

TPLF media outlet based in Mekelle, Dimtsi Woyane, did not report about the development on Saturday.