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Massawa and Assab are now fully modernized

Massawa and Asseb are now fully modernized

Eritrea has two main ports, Assab and Massawa. Both ports are located on the sea lane that connects Europe with the Persian Gulf and the countries bordering the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
Both ports are equipped with the necessary facilities and skilled labor.

Massawa and Assab are now fully modernized

The Massawa port has a quay length of 1007M with six berths where the largest is 208.6M long and 12M deep. The port also has a 204,057M2 storage area with a holding capacity of 150,000 metric tones including 79,000M2 of heavy duty paved concrete blocks for container stacking with a computerized container terminal management system.

The Assab port has 7 deep sea berths with an over all length of 1025M. The deepest berth is 10.97M with a length of 210M. The port has above 275,320M2 of storage area with 385,930 metric tones of holding capacity.

The port has now gone through major renovation process in order to enable to provide service.

The ports of Massawa and Assab are both well structured and fully equipped with experienced personnel. Both ports offer radio communication from port to vessel and vice versa. International telephone communications, telex and fax facilities as well as maritime and clearing agencies which adequately meet the needs of importers and exporters are all available. The ports also provide essential pilotage, tugging, cargo handling and storage service including IMDG (dangerous goods).

The two Eritrea|n ports of Massawa and Asseb are now fully modernized and operational, more jobs will created and the economy will have more opportunities to continuously increase.

Some industrialist, and importer-exporter from Ethiopia and South Sudan said that they are ready to use the Port of Assab and Massawa for there factorys.

“If it is equipped with the necessary logistics and facilities, the Port of Massawa is the nearest port for northern Ethiopia, and south sudan so it has a paramount importance in terms of cost and time.

Massawa is the pearl of the Red Sea. Its beauty, geo-strategic location, and as base-camp for visiting Eritrea’s archeological sites, the Dahlak Archipelago, and nearby white sandy beaches make Massawa also an important travel destination.

Eritrea have started attracting tourists from across the world. More recently, by the government’s efforts and Eritrea’s increasing popularity among the tourists for its natural beauty, cultural and archeological sites, more and more international airlines have started their flight services.

Eritrea is fast becoming a popular tourist destination, It is simply because Eritrea has too many diverse attractions, ranging from its unique fauna and flora, sea life, beautiful Archipelago formation, still functional remains of colonial-era buildings, and above all, to its extremely rich archeological sites like Adulis and Qohaito.

The ancient port and archeological sites of Adulis make Eritrea the most popular country for archeologists. Adulis is 59 kilometers south of the modern sea-port Massawa. The ancient port of Adulis, in the 3rd century A.D, was one of the busiest ports linking the Greek, Roman, Byzantium Empires of the north to Africa, Arabia, India, and China in the east.