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Man chasing his own car on the highway


COLOMBIER, Switzerland, Oct. 25 (UPI) — A Swiss police department shared traffic camera video of a driver who ended up chasing his runaway car on a stretch of highway.

Police Neuchateloise posted traffic camera footage to Facebook showing the Oct. 17 incident at an exit near the town of Colombier.

The video shows a man standing outside his car while it is idling on the hard shoulder of the highway in front of a truck.

The man, who police said stopped to talk to the truck driver, who was a friend of the man, was sent running into the roadway when his car started to roll away and into the two lanes of traffic.

The car rolls into the central barrier on the other side of the road before curving around and hitting a sign by the exit.

Oncoming vehicles slow for the spectacle but none stop to assist the man.

“When life is hanging by a thread!” police wrote.

The department said officers have made contact with the man and the truck driver.