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Ethiopia: Jawar and Bekele Gerba Arrested, OMN shut down 2020

Jawar and Bekele Gerba Arrested

Jawar and Bekele Gerba Arrested

The arrest of prominent Ethiopian pro activist Jawar Mohammed has been confirmed by multiple sources from the country. His media outfit, Oromia Media Network, OMN, has also been shut down by authorities.

The arrest comes in the wake of mass protests against the shooting and killing on Monday night of a famed Oromo musician Hachalu Hundessa in Addis Ababa.

Jawar was reportedly arrested along with Bekele Gerba, a veteran opposition activist. The duo were arrested at the Oromo Cultural Center in Addis Ababa, where they were attending the funeral of Hachalu.

OMN reported on Tuesday morning via its Facebook page that their offices had been raided by federal security agents who ‘arrested’ employees. They also said the OMN offices in Addis Ababa was under control of the state.

Government officials on the other hand are reacting responsibly to the tragedy.   The Federal Prosecutor General, Adanech Abebe, said that she is deeply saddened by Hachalu’s death and expressed her condolence to the family of Hachalu and to the Ethiopian people.

“Whoever killed Hachalu, no one will escape justice,”  she said.  She also called for patience.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his grief and called on the public to stay safe while mourning the star.