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Israeli justice minister: Hire Palestinians to replace African ‘infiltrators’


Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked asserted on Monday that Palestinians living in the West Bank should be able to work easily in Israel where they could replace African migrants in the workforce.

Speaking at the annual international conference held by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism held in Israel’s coastal city of Herzliya, Shaked affirmed that Palestinians from the West Bank should be commuting daily to take part in Israel’s labor force and be employed in Israeli businesses, which would contribute to coexistence between the two sides and help improve the Palestinian economy.

“It should take an hour for a person living in Jenin,” Shaked said, referring to the West Bank city, “to get to (the central Israeli town) of Kfar Saba.”

The justice minister said that the checkpoints Palestinians have to cross in order to enter Israel should be improved.

Speaking to a crowd of academics, counter-terrorism experts and students from across the world, Shaked referred to the ongoing crisis involving migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, which some maintain are entering Israel as economic migrants, with others saying they are refugees.

“Take Palestinians with work permits instead of Eritrean and Sudanese infiltrators,” was Shaked’s advice.

Shaked went on to claim that if Israel hadn’t constructed a wall and created legislation to prevent migrant workers from crossing into Israel from Egypt, millions of Africans would have crossed the border to find employment in Israel.

The international community should also help the Palestinian economy advance and develop, according to Shaked, as economic development could be the key to preventing future acts of terror.

The justice minister said Israel’s terrorism legislation, which took seven years for the Israeli parliament to develop, is a model for how to combat terror all over the world and is being emulated by other states.

“I hand a hard copy and a digital copy to every justice minister I meet,” she said, explaining a hope that Israel will lead to the world in striking the equilibrium between protecting civilian rights and combating terror.

“It’s about finding the balance,” she said.

The justice minister praised Israel’s education minister, Naftali Bennett, for the projects he has implemented in educating youth in East Jerusalem and trying to ensure inciting material is removed from the Arab-Israeli curriculum but explained that, sadly, Israel has no control over the Palestinian Authority’s actions on the matter.

“The international community should pressure the Palestinian Authority to remove inciting material from its education system,” she stated.