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Indian policewoman breastfeeds an abandoned newborn baby

-found dumped in a plastic bag in a pile of garbage on the outskirts of Bangalore
An Indian policewoman breastfed an abandoned newborn who was found dumped in a pile of rubbish on the outskirts of Bangalore.

Police received a call from a local shopkeeper on Friday after a rag picker told him he had spotted the baby boy stuffed inside a plastic bag near a construction site in the capital of India’s southern Karnataka state.

Officer Nagesh R took the infant, who was covered in blood and likely just a few hours old, to a hospital where doctors treated him for free before bringing him to the police station.

But hours after his rescue, the baby was barely stirring and crying, so a policewoman named Archana decided to breastfeed him.
Archana said she had recently given birth to a boy and felt instantly connected to the newborn.
Archana’s colleagues were full of praise for her actions and said she probably saved the infant’s life.

Officer Nagesh ran out to buy clothes for the baby, who was then named ‘Kumaraswamy’ after the state of Karantaka’s newest chief minister.
‘It is the government’s baby now, and we decided to name him Kumaraswamy as it would be under the care of the government,’ he told The Hindu.

The baby has now been handed over to a children’s home by the police.

Officer Nagesh said police have visited the home to see the baby again and make sure he’s well.

‘We police officers work so hard, but the last two days in the station was something else,’ he said.

‘It felt like a baby was born in our home.’