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If President Isaias Afwerki was to run for the Prime Minister position in Ethiopia’s next election, I would vote for him



By Merkato |
I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say this. If President Isaias Afwerki was to run for the Prime Minister position in Ethiopia’s next election, I would vote for him. I was speaking with other Ethiopians yesterday and mind you we are a diverse group of Ethiopians ie Amara, Oromo, Tigrays, Gurage, Afars.
After all was said and done, we all agreed and said if Isaias Afwerki was to run for PM position in Ethiopia, we would all vote for him. The reasons being the following:
1. He hasn’t sold his country
2. He is defiant when the West tells him what to do
3. He doesn’t allow ethnic/religious divisions into the politics
4. He maintains a large army and keeps the youth employed in the military instead of begging
5. He doesn’t allow foreign cultural influences into the society ie keeps the traditions
6. He makes sure the Orthodox Christian and Original Indigenous Islam are the only religions allowed
7. He is not quick to sell everything in the country for a few billion dollars
8. He refused FOOD AID and OTHER AID from the WEST when Eritrea needed it
9. He doesn’t allow begging and prostitution to run rampant
10. He developed the villages First and left the Big Cities and Towns last so you don’t flood with beggars and poor people
11. He doesn’t use his military as Mercenaries for Western Imperialism
12. He looks like a Warrior Leader ie Tall, Piercing Eyes, yet Friendly on the Surface
And all this was done while PMs of WOYANE/EPRDF are doing the Exact opposite and even more the WOYANE/EPRDF Begged the West to sanction Eritrea, the Woyane/EPRDF has sold Ethiopia for pennies, and the Woyane/EPRDF when the schit hits the fan will be running out of the Country and not staying and defending Ethiopia….
Now I know some of you will say that “Oh Merkato is a Shabo because he said good things about PIA “. I don’t care, as an Ethiopian and as Ethiopians in general , we are tired of these Childish Nonsensical Worthless Dramas that Woyane/EPRDF is playing just to stay in power to continue Looting and Shooting Ethiopia!
I Love my Country , ETHIOPIA and NO filthy Lying Woyane Cadre is going to stop me from making Ethiopia better…at this point if Woyane = Shabia’s female dog, then why beat around the Bush and just have Isaias Afwerki become the Ruler of Ethiopia and develop Ethiopia.
Btw we all read the Economist Intelligence Unit saying that Eritrea has 8.0 percent GDP Growth for 2014 while Ethiopia was not even on the list. Something is telling about two countries when one is sanctioned(Eritrea) and the other is not (Ethiopia), one receives WESTERN AID (Ethiopia) and the Other (Eritrea) refuses the Western AID.
People on ER need to wake up and drop Woyane for Good and work together to bring a change in Ethiopia if not for ourselves for the Future Generation of Ethiopia.