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Here is the list of history’s 10 most absurd wars.


Here is the list of history’s 10 most absurd wars.

10. 335 Year War [1651-1986].
MINUS: The war officially lasted hundreds of years because a peace agreement was first signed in 1986.
PLUS: Not a single shot was fired at the war between the Netherlands and the British Isles.

9. The Football War [1969-1980]

MINUS: The tense relationship between El Salvador and Honduras broke out in war after an international match.
PLUS: The actual armed war actions of the 11-year war lasted just four days.

8. The War at Aroostook [1838-1839]
MINUS: A banal dispute over the rights of timber led to the United States and Britain smoking in war.
PLUS: A diplomatic effort prevented shots from firing between the Americans and the British.

7. The Paraguayan War [1864-1870]
MINUS: The war was allegedly started because Paraguay’s president was trying out his tactical skills.
PLUS: Despite defeat in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, Paraguay was allowed to exist as a country.

6. 1812 War [1812-1815]
MINUS: The cause of the war – British trade restrictions – was actually lifted two days before the war itself. But the Americans got the news too late.
PLUS: 3,000 slaves escaped bondage during the war.

5. The War on the Roaming Dog [1925]
MINUS: A Greek would fetch his dog across the border – causing a war.
PLUS: Fast diplomacy stopped the war between Greece and Bulgaria after just 50 falls.

4. War of oak trees [1325]
MINUS: Bologna declared war on Modena because city-state soldiers stole an oak bucket.
PLUS: The oak bucket, which ended up costing about 2,000 lives, is preserved.

3. British-Zanzibar War [1896]
MINUS: The intense British bombardment destroyed the Zanzibar’s beautiful palace, harem and lighthouse.
PLUS: The battle for the sultan seat between the British and the deceased sultan’s nephew lasted 38 minutes.

2. The War on the Golden Throne [1900]
MINUS: The war started because a British officer demanded to sit down on a sacred African throne.
PLUS: The Ashanti Empire in West Africa in practice retained its independence despite the defeat of the British.

1. Swine Wars [1859-1872]The Pig War was a boundary dispute over the San Juan Islands between Canada (British Empire) and the United States, 1859–1872.