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Absolutely incredible man: Shay’s daughter Andrea 2019


‘He wanted to make sure mam would be laughing at the cemetery’

Absolutely incredible man Shay's daughter Andrea
Absolutely incredible man Shay’s daughter Andrea

‘He wanted to make sure mam would be laughing at the cemetery’ – Dublin man’s ‘last laugh’ at his own funeral goes viral, Absolutely incredible man.

A Dublin man’s funeral has gone viral after he pranked mourners with a recording of himself that sounded as though he was speaking from inside his coffin.

Shay Bradley (63), a father-of-four and grandfather-to-eight, took mourners by surprise when a recording of his voice was played during his burial on Saturday.

A recording was played of Shay, an Irish Defence Force veteran, knocking on what sounded like the lid of the coffin, before shouting “let me out!”.

The clever prank caused an eruption of laughter among mourners in Bohernabreena Cemetery.

“Hello? Hello! Hello? Let me out! Where am I?,” he said in the recording.

“Let me out, it’s dark in here.”

He continued: “Let me out. I can hear you! Is that that priest I can hear?”

Shay, from Kilnamanagh near Tallaght in south Dublin, passed away following a three-year-long battle with cancer. He arranged the prank with his son, Jonathan, because he wanted to make sure his wife left the cemetery laughing.

Shay’s daughter Andrea told “He was an absolutely incredible man. And knowing how much this video has made so many people laugh, gives us all great comfort and happiness in our darkest days. It’s truly brightened all over hearts.

“This message was his way to both say goodbye, and to let us know, right, The sadness of today is over, go and celebrate the life I lived in a joyous way. He always filled every room with so much laughter. His stature was larger than life, but so was his personality,” she said.

“He struggled with cancer for three years and every single day through chemotherapy, radiation and multiple surgeries he was always smiling and laughing.

“He told my brother Jonathan, who recorded the audio with him, that one of the main reasons he done this was because he wanted to make sure my mam would be laughing leaving the cemetery, not crying. And he done just that,” she added.

“My uncle spoke to the priest afterwards, the priest just said he has done many funerals but has never seen anything like it.”

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