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Hamdok Survives Assassination Attempt Khartum – Sudan 2020

Hamdok Survives Assassination Attempt

Sudanese Prime Minister Survives Assassination Attempt in Khartoum

Hamdok has been moved to a safe location, state television said.

Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has survived an assassination attempt targeting his convoy in the capital Khartoum, state television and a source in the cabinet said on Monday.

Hamdok, who was appointed to head a transitional government after the overthrow of long-time President Omar al-Bashir last year, has been moved to a safe location, state TV said.

Ali Bakhit, the prime minister’s office director, said Hamdok had survived an attack that had used explosives.

“An explosion hit as Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok’s car was driving by but thank God no one was hurt,” the top aide said.

State-run radio Omdurman meanwhile reported that automatic weapons were also used in the attack and that Hamdok was taken “to a hospital”. 

In a tweet following the attack, Hamdok said the attempted assassination would “not stop the path of change”.

“What happened will not stop the path of change, it will be nothing but an additional push in the strong waves of the revolution,” he said.

Images broadcast on regional TV channels and social media showed a convoy including several damaged white SUVs and a badly damaged car.

Three witnesses told Reuters the attack happened near the northern entrance to Kober bridge, which connects Khartoum North with the city centre, where Hamdok’s office is.

The convoy appeared to have been targeted from above, they said. The area was quickly cordoned off by the police.