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Gergera dam Eritrea

Gergera dam Eritrea

Gergera dam Eritrea. An amazing dam that can hold more than 350 million cubic meter water. It is expected to be used for irrigated farm. Water is life, and food security is a top priority. I have toured and seen all the great dams constructed in Eritrea. These pictures were taken by yours truly at the scene; August 2015. pic credit to Rediet T.

It is massive, appears well-built, and is part of the national strategy and policy of sustainable development that is financed by the government and built by Eritrean engineers without foreign aids.

The dam has a 35 meter diameter at the base, with a 7 meter depth and stands 38 meter above the ground, and stretched nearly 750 meters long.

Four rivers feed the dam: from Guh Chea, from the Tslma villages, from Adi Halo, and from around the Emba Teqera area. Collectively, these cover an area of 431 sq. km until the last point of the dam, but overall the dam covers, and currently holds around 33 million mm cubed of water and can reach up to 50 million mm cubed.