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Foros commendable health care service – 2020

Foros commendable health care service

Foros commendable health care service

Foros commendable health care service

The health station put in place in Foro sub-zone is contributing commendable health care service both in curbing the prevalence of communicable diseases and in increasing the awareness of the society on modern medicine, report indicated.

Speaking to Erina, health practitioners at the center stated that the health center that started with three members and limited equipment has being well equipped and staffed that it is providing commendable service to date.

The health practitioners further said that with the construction of maternity rooms, pregnant women are being extended with pre and post natal services and that as a result the number of pregnant women delivering in the health station has increased by 10% from that of last year. They also added that child vaccination coverage is increasing.

Noting the laboratory of the health center has been well equipped and is providing service, the professionals expressed strong belief that drugs and equipment will be provided in time considering the geographic location of Foro sub zone.

Staffed with 25 health practitioners, Foro health center is providing service to residents of Malka, Ayromale, Hadish, Zula, Afta and Foro administrative areas.