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“Fenkil” movement in Tigray Region – 2020

“Fenkil” movement in Tigray

“Fenkil” movement starts in Tigray.

The political movement called “Fenkil” which aims to free Tigray’s people from the pressure of TPLF is spreading across many towns in the Tigray region.

Even though good governance was its primary request, it is claimed that it aims to eventually remove TPLF from power. The founders of this movement had organized it in to different sub regional sects and called on the tigray people who responded.

They had come to a conclusion that in order to bring about change is to follow the example of fellow Ethiopians’ movements such as Fano in Amhara region, Qeroo in Oromiya and Zerma in the South. Fenkil has also called to the rest of Ethiopian people to join in the fight to freedom of Tigray people. It stated that it had received support from both Ethiopian and Eritrean people more than expected. slogans during the protests include “university in Tembe”, “statue for Emperor Yohannes”, “return the woredas of Guya, Chila and Agbehto”, “return Tembe’s Development Union”, “respect the rule of law”, “attention for displaced communities”, and “stop the division by TPLF”.

These slogans were heard in the protests in Tembe but other slogans were shouted in different subregions of Tigray. Tigray’s development branch manager Ato Seoul Michael has posted to his social media page that this movement, similar to movements in other regions of the country, is starting to take hold and the administration has no other option but to stand aside and watch.

Western Wollega’s current unstable situation Steps taken to ensure peace by government forces have led to the death of 5 people. Four homes had been burned down. Ato Elias Umeta, the zone’s governor has stated that government is forcing the rule of law and has not harmed the residents.

However, some residents have claimed that they have been forced to leave their hometowns as they have been targets of assaults from government forces with the suspicion that they were housing, feeding and funding the armed group in the region. They also stated that several innocent people have been brutally beaten and their belongings have been burnt to the ground. Many residents have now been displaced.