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Ethiopia: The final battle has begun 2020

The final battle has begun

The final battle has begun

Alem Gebre-Wahed, the right-hand of Debretsion and a senior TPLF official, was reportedly shot by the Defence Forces.

It is unknown whether Alem Gebrewahed is dead or not.

The Ethiopian Air Force and Defence Forces are at war with nature.

The place Where the Junta force ”TPLF” is hiding is mountainous and very difficult, but the battle is in full swing to bring the victory said source from the Defence Force.

The Ethiopian Air Force has carried out air strikes this morning.

The Ethiopian Air Force (NAF) is still pounding the Juntas hiding place the ”werqama emba” Mountain area with six Mig 23 jets since this morning.

The 31st Battalion completely destroyed the juntas armored vehicles in the ”werqamaw” area.

The Junta forces are doing their best not to die and surrender, but it is only a matter of time.