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Eritrean traditional food in bottles 2020

The Eritrean Women's Association started selling packed traditional food in bottles

The Eritrean Women’s Association started selling packed traditional food in bottles.

Mu’ooz is an African not-for-profit social enterprise and restaurant, located in the heart of culturally diverse West End, Queensland: Australia.

Mu’ooz, means ‘tasty and healthy’ in Tigrinya, the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia.

We offer exclusive North-East African cuisine using local and imported African ingredients while providing exceptional quality service.

With the hosting capacity of 70 seats we can accommodate large events on request. ​

Mu’ooz gives both employment and new opportunities that help the healing process.

To date they have given work experience, training and employment to over 100 women! You too can help to empower African refugee women in a number of ways.

Come in, order takeaway or use our catering service to enjoy our tasty food and empower African Refugee women – all at the same time.

Eritrean traditional food in bottles


  • Over 240 refugee women have received work experience, training and employment in the last 7 years (97% are still in employment)
  • Finalist in the 2011 “Awards for Excellence” QLD Restaurant of the Year, Restaurant & Catering
  • Deductible Gift Recipient Status granted by the Australian Taxation Office, July 2011.
  • Supporting the development of other African social enterprises in Queensland and interstate.
  • Introduced in ‘Queensland Good Food Guide 2013’
  • Fundraising over $13,000 for the Victorian Bush fire Appeal, Queensland Floods, East African Drought and Breast Cancer
  • Launched an economic recovery initiative to manufacture packs food and paste products in response to COVID-19 

Share Platters

Enjoy our beautiful food in the traditional way by having a share platter

In Eritrea, a meal is a collective experience whereby family and friends share food from a large platter filled with layers of enjera and topped with a delicious assortment of spicy stews and vegetarian dishes.
Eating involves tearing off a piece of enjera and wrapping it around a portion of food and then eating without the use of cutlery. 

How it works

1. All share platters come with a complimentary share entrée of ENJERA & DIPS (v), which is a sourdough flatbread with an assortment of 4 homemade vegetable dips included are Shiro, Silsi, salsa & yogurt, cucumber & garlic. 

2. Choose your selection of dishes for your table from any marked with an asterisk * on the menu.

3. All dishes are served with Enjera & Mu’ooz salata (if you did prefer to replace Enjera with rice just let us know, or as an extra side dish)


Enjoy beautiful food in the traditional way by having a Banquet


ENJERA: is a traditional savoury pancake, soft & sour like bread used to pick up the food. It is a mix of maize, sorghum, ragi, flours, & roasted & ground fenugreek seeds, fermented for up to 24hrs.

SILSIE: A traditional Eritrean sauce often used as a base in many dishes, especially meat dishes.

BERBERE: Traditional hot pepper seasoning used to flavour many traditional Eritrean dishes

TESMI: Clarified butter flavored with Eritrean herbs and spices including garlic, red onion, and roasted fenugreek seed

The customers saying

1 “The food is delicious, the staff are always friendly, and it has a chilled vibe.”

2 “Cool place, excellent food, a great idea for a restaurant featuring some of the most unique food I’ve tasted in Brisbane.”

3 “Great food, lovely atmosphere and an amazing story. I’ve eaten here many times and also attended a cooking class.”